Diets don't work and there is a better wayWhy Diets Will Always Fail You – Our mission at Disruptive Nutrition is to disrupt the idea that we need to diet and deprive ourselves in order to be healthy and lose weight. We help our clients learn simple, sustainable and satisfying concepts to reach their goals.

My goal is to help you learn the secrets to boosting your metabolism and how to use food to fuel you which will result in added energy, reducing your risk of long term disease as well as shedding unwanted weight and gaining lean muscle. Throughout these blog entries I will teach you what you should be doing instead, all while being able to model appropriate eating habits for your kids!

So let's first talk about why diets don't work for the long term and how very likely, little things that you think are “healthy habits” may actually be sabotaging your goals! Dieting is one of the worst things we can do for our bodies…

But first, let's get on the same page about what “dieting” actually is.

Diets have convinced people to believe that if they simply take in fewer calories than they burn,  they will lose weight.  If you have ever counted a calorie or a point, you will know what I am talking about!

Here's the thing, that WILL work in the short term.

It's why you have seen diets work at some point in your life.  However, what is happening in our body is that you are reacting to the decreased food intake and letting go of a little bit of stored fat, but it is really letting go of fat in your muscles and this is NOT where we want to lose it! 

This is why we are cranky when we are on a diet, have a lack of energy, and feel like we crave foods even more than before. 

Even worse, because you are depriving your body of nutrients, your metabolism slows down and because of this, over time you can eat EXACTLY the same thing you were eating a few weeks ago, and suddenly start gaining weight again!

Think of it like the first time you may have had an beer.  

The first one may have made you feel tipsy, right? But over time, it took 2 or 3 to have that same effect on you.  Diets are like that.

At first, your body will react to a diet and allow you to loose weight, but eventually your body will start to slow down it's metabolism to make up for the caloric deprivation and you have to start eating less and less to keep losing weight.

That is why you have failed at diets over the years…it wasn't YOU…it was THEM! 

The key is to actually use food as fuel.  Just like we need gas in our tank to run our cars efficiently, we need to keep our bodies fueled.  By eating small meals every 3 hours, throughout the day, your body eventually learns, “I know I am going to get fed again in 3 hours so I am going to just take what I need and let go of the rest.”  When you were depriving your body of calories, or every “starved” yourself before a big meal, your body gets confused and reacts by holding onto food and turning it into stored fat because you scare it into thinking it doesn't know when it will get it again!

Why Diets Will Always Fail You [2019]

So the first step towards disrupting your nutrition involves EATING MORE FOOD!  Eat within an hour of waking up and then eat every 3-4 hours from that point forward.  What should you eat? How much should you eat?  Great questions!  I can tell you, salads and what I like to call rabbit food won't cut it!   Look for my blog post on how to use FOOD as FUEL!

Want more information on how to truly disrupt your nutrition? Join us for our 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Challenge where you will not only learn the LAST nutritional advice you will ever need, but you will do it with the support of a coach and community…and YES, it IS affordable!!! why do most diets fail in the long run [2019], why do most diets fail in the long run [2019] 


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why do most diets fail in the long run
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