Why do We Need Carbohydrates – We keep hearing how we need to avoid carbs because they derail our progress on the scale, in the gym and for our overall health.  With “Keto” being all the rage, I see people post on social media their high protein, high fat diets with little to no carbs and I want to scream into the screen….”Don't you know, Carbs are GREAT for you?!?!”

But because I can't scream into the screen, I'm going for the next best thing…I'm gonna write about it.

I am tired of hearing that fruit or quinoa, brown rice, etc are bad for you…so my goal is that by the end of this you will understand WHY we NEED carbs to not only crush our short term health goals but for long term health as well.

So first, let's talk about why carbs have been getting a bad rep and why you need them in your life.

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Top 5 Reasons Why We Need Carbs in Our Lives

1. Our bodies need what carbs offer.

 The issue isn't actually in the carbs, but in the fact that we eat WAY too many, it causes our blood sugar to get out of whack and we eat them incorrectly.

Listen up folks, there are THREE macronutrients our bodies need.  THREE.  And carbs are one of them. So why would you EVER cut them out?!?!

2. We need to balance our blood sugar

Before I go into how carbs help us do this, you need to understand the basics of blood sugar stabilization.

When your blood sugar is low, your body panics and releases a hormone called glucagon to break down muscle to feed your body the sugar it needs.  To keep our blood sugar balanced we need our glucagon to be raised and our insulin to be lowered…at the same time.  We also need our digestion to be slowed down so our metabolism can be boosted.

The goal is that our body digests our macronutrients so they break down to their simplest form.  Carbs break down to glucose, protein gets broken down to amino acids and fat to fatty acids.

3. No/Low carb diets aren’t sustainable.

This is why intermittent fasting or the Ketogenic diet aren't focused on what your body needs so it won't work for the long term.  Intermittent fasting causes your blood sugar to get low which then, over time, pulls fat from your muscles which will cause you to not only gain weight over time but because your blood sugar isn't balanced consistently, you are at risk for dementia, diabetes and other health issues.

With Ketogenic diets, because you reprogram your bodies to not require glucose for energy, it works to lose weight for the short term, but it is not sustainable and you WILL gain the weight back as well as feel like garbage eventually. Eventually you WILL eat carbs.

Eating protein, fat and carbs (macronutrients)


4. We need them in the RIGHT amount, at the RIGHT time.

When you eat the RIGHT amount of CARBS and pair it with PROTEIN and FAT…you will balance those hormones because your blood sugar will be balanced.

Protein impacts glucagon, carbs impact insulin…And the two NEED to be in balance to keep our blood sugar balanced and boost our metabolism.

5. We need to eat them WITH a protein and fat in EVERY meal

Because fat slows down digestion and makes us full longer, it helps to boost our metabolism and turn our bodies into fat burning machines!

But the key is you eat the PFC in every meal and you eat it every 3-4 hours.  Not only is it BETTER for you but it is SO much more satisfying!  When we deprive ourselves or cut out macronutrients that we NEED to live, we are miserable and can't sustain it.

Are we talking about eating a loaf of bread? Of course not.  That WILL spike your blood sugar. You WILL store fat if you overeat carbs, eat processed carbs (whole food is the best!) and don't balance it with protein and fat.

But if you eat the RIGHT carbs, in the RIGHT portions with the RIGHT balance of other macro nutrients….you WILL lose weight, you WILL boost your metabolism for the long term, you WILL be satisfied and you WILL feel amazing…but you WILL need to eat carbs to make that happen!

Top 5 Reasons Why We Need Carbs In Our Lives


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Why do We Need Carbohydrates, Why do We Need Carbohydrates

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Why do We Need Carbohydrates
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