Whey proteinNo way, whey.


I love me a protein shake.  For those of you who know my simple, sustainable and satisfying approach to nutrition, you know that I preach why diets are destructive and how we need to use food as fuel.  To do that, eating frequently, a balance of protein, fats and carbs is KEY.


And that means my clients, coaches and I eat.  A lot. In fact, we eat 5-6 meals a day…no snacking, just meals.  


Pretty awesome right?  A weight loss approach that requires you to EAT?  Yup, it’s true. If you want to know exactly why diets are so darn destructive and how to eat this way, download my free guide where I lay it all out for ya! CLICK HERE to grab it!


So to make this all work without feeling overwhelmed, I often have a couple protein shakes during the day.  Mix ‘em up with some good fats and healthy carbs, it can be one of my most anticipated meals! In fact, if you want some of my favorite shake recipes, download them here!


But let’s be clear, not all protein shakes are created equal.  


In fact, most people who incorporate protein shakes into their nutrition approach are doing it all wrong.  


No way?  




Or should I say…No WHEY.


That’s right, WHEY protein is the most popular protein source in the United States and yet it is the number one type of protein (along with soy) that I push my clients to stay away from.


What’s wrong with whey?


Whey is derived from dairy.  A complete protein source, it has all the essential amino acids we need to reap the benefits of protein, however, dairy is a food source that is highly problematic to almost EVERYONE.


In fact, did you know we lost the ability to digest dairy when we were 2 years old? YUP, that’s right. In fact the whole “Got milk?” campaign has more to do with big corporate money than it does with our health.


If there is anything you should give up NOW, it’s dairy.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream and feta cheese. I am known to have yogurt in my fridge and a cheese platter at a party.


But it’s in extreme moderation and I KNOW, when I have it, I WILL break out with a few new zits the next day.


Whey protein is the protein contained in whey, the watery portion of milk that separates from the curds when making cheese.


Whey protein is commonly used for improving athletic performance and increasing strength, but evidence to support these uses is mixed because there are so many negative side effects associated with dairy. We can get the same, if not better results from a complete protein that is derived from plants and eliminates all the problems that dairy brings such as inflammation, gut issues, increased bowel movements, bloating, cramps, headache, tiredness and acne.


So having dairy daily in a protein shake, multiple times a day, is likely causing you many more issues than it is helping.


If you are drinking a whey protein shake, you are likely sabotaging your health goals.  Want to know what else is likely sabotaging your health goals that you THINK is healthy? Click here for a full breakdown.


So what should you do instead?  My recommendation always lies in a COMPLETE protein that has all 9 essential amino acids that is plant based.  However, don’t let plant based protein fool you. MOST plant based proteins do not have the 9 essential amino acids that we cannot produce ourselves and therefore will impact our body’s ability to benefit from protein.  Even pea protein, which is marketed as a complete protein on it’s own, does have the essential amino acids, however, they are low in some of them so it’s not fully complete. When looking for a plant based protein powder, look for ones with at least 3 different types, with pea being one of them.  But PLEASE, do NOT allow SOY based protein into your routine.  Soy makes me as fired up as whey, but that is for another day (see how I rhymed there?!) Check out my favorite protein powder and product line here


Just say NO WAY….to WHEY that is! 



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