Keto diets are trendy but they don't work! Stop eating Keto!The Keto Craze- I love following trends. When it comes to fashion.

But when it comes to “diets” nothing frustrates me more (well, maybe except when my teenager talks back!)

But we KNOW what works and we have enough long term evidence to understand that any of these trendy diets get hyped, not because it’s what’s best for you, but because TRENDY THINGS SELL.

There are three things we have to be able to answer about our nutrition to determine if doing a certain program make sense. It can’t be about what’s trendy…it’s got to have something more substantial behind it. So let’s look at Keto with these three questions in mind…

  • Is it based in science?
  • Can we do it for the rest of our lives?
  • Would we let our kids do it?


If we ask ourselves these 3 questions, many of the trendy “quick fix” plans will fail this litmus test. Let’s explore the ever popular, yet totally crazy, Keto diet.


Is it based in science?

CHECK. Keto works. Just like all diets work. And it has proven to be hugely beneficial. For the long term for those with long term epilepsy.

But not for the average person.

Keto requires us to reprogram the way our body takes and uses energy. By relying on fat instead of carbs.  We are told it is the best way to achieve hormonal balance. While it is ONE way, it is NOT the best way.

The problem is sustainability. It's hard to find anyone who is able to keep up with it for more than a year or two and who hasn't gained all the weight back, plus more. Which is NOT good for your overall health, confidence, or hormonal balance.


Can we do it for the rest of our lives?

SURE, if you never want to have bread, birthday cake or a quesadilla for the REST. OF. YOUR. LIFE.

The Problem with keto/super low carb is the sustainability. Because you are training your body to not need carbs, it doesn’t know what to do with it when, inevitably, you eat carbs again.

Your body literally gets all out of whack.

It will work but it won’t last and you will end up gaining the weight back. The key is the right amount of the right carbs….and to eat it WITH a complete protein and good fat. 5-6 meals a day with the “

PFC” combination balances your hormones which balances your blood sugar and boosts your metabolism which allows you to shed weight.

If this is something you can’t do for the rest of your life, it will fail you. And I don’t know anyone who can do this for more than a year, because most people feel like garbage, both physically and emotionally after doing Keto for a while.


Would you let your kids do Keto?


I believe our children NEED to see us have a healthy relationship with food. Food can’t be OFF LIMITS nor can there be guilt with eating something that we enjoy once in a while.

The key is to being educated into understanding what that food will do to our body, how much is too much, and how often we might indulge in it. But as soon as food is associated with restrictions and guilt, not only are we making it almost impossible for us to stick to, but we are at risk of sending potentially life altering messages to our kids about food and our relationship with it.

This is ESPECIALLY true for our girls.

Any program we do MUST align with what we would want for our kids. Eating healthy and balancing nutrients is important for EVERYONE and if you don’t think counting calories, tracking points, eating no carb or doing low fat is appropriate for your children, then I can guarantee it’s not appropriate for you.

Dieting is one of the least satisfying, most sabotaging things we can do. So why do we keep doing it?

Eating the RIGHT kinds of carbs, along with proteins and fats, in the right portions, actually provides the homeostasis our bodies require, but in a much more sustainable way. Read my blog entry here on how to use food as fuel.

And because eating like this allows us to BOOST our metabolism instead of slow it down, we can handle a piece of birthday cake and our body won’t miss a beat.

Keep the trends to your closet. 



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