Is detoxing a scam? How to detox correctlyThe Great Detox Debate – I’m obsessed with teaching people about what REALLY works when it comes to nutrition because I know what to do to have a simple, sustainable AND satisfying approach to crushing goals for the LONG TERM.

And you may have noticed that I also advocate for my 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle Launch which, to be honest, is NOT sustainable.

So what gives?

Well, ladies, have you ever gone to bed without taking your makeup off? When you wake up, do you just put new makeup on over the old? Gosh, some of us may have done that in college, but I don't think I could imagine doing that now.

That’s kinda like implementing my sustainable approach to nutrition without resetting first with a good, effective and SATISFYING detox.

Here’s the thing. Detoxing is the crux of a lot of debate. It’s true our bodies have ways to detox itself…hello LIVER!!! But, it is also true that these days thanks to the way we grow most of our food and because we end up eating WAY more processed food than ever before, our bodies just can’t keep up with the garbage we put in it.

So we do have to “wash our face” with a clean eating detox at least a couple times a year. Depending on how “clean” you eat throughout the year, doing a detox like the one that I teach on the 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle Launch will remove toxins, boost your metabolism, improve gut health and eliminate fat cells that have been forming naturally as a way to deal with those toxins in the first place.

Even though our bodies have the ability to naturally detox, it is pretty well accepted that these days, an actual, planned detox is essential. However, that is where the debate really sets in. I have heard it all…juicing, fasting, cabbage soup-ing, all plant based, etc. It’s confusing and the truth is, most of them are HORRENDOUS for our long term health. Many detoxes don’t do anything to actually “cleanse” our bodies and do a lot to mess with our blood sugar, slow down our metabolism and leave us feeling cranky and deprived.

A true detox that is effective and essential means taking the time to eat whole, unprocessed food that eliminates foods that simply don’t serve our bodies. It’s about truly eating as clean as possible so that our bodies can reset themselves. Much like an oil change in our car, we are ready to put on those miles again, for a while, until it’s time for another reset. My car needs an oil change about every 5,000 miles….Because I eat clean about 80% of the time, I typically do a 28-day challenge about once every 6-8 months…or after a particularly long stint of not eating very clean (like after the holidays…or after, say, moving to another country with your two teenage daughters!!)

It’s like washing your face before putting make up back on.

Throughout the challenge, yes, you are detoxing, but you are also learning how to eat ANY type of food, in any social situation and still make progress towards your goals. Yes, it will mean adding a few toxins to your body, but I just don’t think it is sustainable to eat “fully clean” ALL the time…and because our bodies CAN recover and be reset, it’s totally acceptable to maintain a proper balance and a commitment every once in a while to reset.

I mean, if we would do it for our cars, why wouldn’t we do it for ourselves?



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