How to know if you need to detox

Let’s face it … the word “detox” is overused in the health and wellness space.  Same with “cleanse.” And to be honest, so much out there is plain ‘ole spammy.


But the need to detox our body is a real thing! Yeah yeah, our liver is designed to naturally detox, but just like another overly dramatized season of “The Bachelor,” there is only so much a body can take! (Sorry, I am not a fan!)


Anyway, I digress.  


Yes, our liver can naturally detox itself, but today our foods are so over-processed, so low in nutrients and so over-consumed with sugar, that our bodies can only do so much and there comes a point where we need to help it along.


Here’s the way I think of it…it’s kind of like getting a “gel” manicure.  You know what I mean, right? That nail polish that hardens under the light, thus giving you a longer look with no dry time.

detox your body

Let’s talk about that manicure process.  You know, you get the polish soaked and then scraped off…and then your nails are filed, your cuticles trimmed…and sometimes some paraffin and a massage.


It’s right then…when your nails are clean, primed and ready, they apply the polish….and we are ready to do more damage to our fresh, clean nails.


That’s kind of like detoxing. To detox correctly, you should spend a month eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods and enrich your system with nutrients and certain supplements that aid in digestion, eliminate toxins and get back to what I call “our factory settings”….and then you can pick out your favorite nail polish color!


So how do you know you are in need of such a detox? Well, just like you know when you need a manicure, your body will communicate to you it’s TIME to soak off the gunk and clean yourself up:


  1. Your sugar cravings are intense
  2. You feel bloated
  3. You’re tired, even if you get a full night’s sleep
  4. You are irritated and cranky
  5. You are carrying excess body weight
  6. You are getting frequent headaches and/or feel like you have “brain fog”
  7. Your energy levels are low
  8. You have constipation or diarrhea
  9. Your skin is breaking out, has blemishes or a dull complexion
  10. You are making more “unhealthy” choices with your food than “healthy” ones
  11. You regularly drink coffee and/or alcohol
  12. You feel emotionally unstable, emotional and unmotivated


If this sounds like you, you may need a detox!!!! The good news is, detoxing effectively is NOT about drinking just water for a month, juicing or going days without food. In fact, what you want to do is FEED your body because it NEEDS to replace those pesky toxins with whole, unprocessed food as much as possible. Your body also needs the right nutrients, in the right portion, at the right frequency!


An effective detox will create the perfect conditions for your body to do the job it was naturally meant to do….you are just removing all the interference !


Want to know more?  Let’s dig in on HOW to detox:


    1. Eat clean for a month: That means eating whole, unprocessed food that is high in fiber and that has a low glycemic index will begin to replace the toxicity with nutrients our bodies crave.
    2. Eliminate foods that do not serve you:  Believe it or not, many of us may not think we have a gluten or dairy intolerance, but when we eliminate these from our system for a month, our body can process food so much more effectively.  In addition, your body may have built up resistance to such types of food, and could be causing some of your “need for a detox” symptoms. Giving up gluten, dairy, soy and alcohol for a month will do more for your body than you can imagine.  It’s not as hard as you think AND some you will likely benefit in ways you never realized you would. CLICK HERE to learn what happened to me when I recently gave up wine for 2 months!
    3. Balance your nutrients: Your cravings are coming from your body’s hormones being out of balance.  How to fix it? We call it “PFC Every 3” which means eating a protein, fat and carb every 3 hours.  The balance of these 3 macronutrients, when eaten together AND consistently, will satisfy your body because your blood sugar will be balanced.  What does that mean? Say goodbye to sugar cravings! For more info on how to eat with a PFC Balance, download my free guide by clicking here.
    4. Drink Water: YES, it’s tried and true –  not trendy, but it works! Drink a big glass of water with fresh-squeezed lemon as soon as you wake up in the morning and then be sure to get at least 64oz of water a day for women and 96oz a day for men!
    5. Sleep! I know how hard it is to get the amount of sleep we need, but it there is a direct result with how our bodies perform and how much sleep we get.  However, everyone doesn’t require the same amount of sleep so don’t think you necessarily need 8 hours. How do you know how much you need? Go to bed at a reasonable time on a night you don’t HAVE to be up at any certain time.  Let yourself naturally wake up…how many hours did you sleep? That is your magic number you want to strive for every night!
    6. Exercise: It doesn’t have to be a lot, especially if it isn’t part of your regular routine, but how can you move every day in a way that challenges your body.




It’s simple, albeit not always easy!  Yet just like getting your nails ready for polish, a detox, when done correctly, can set your body up for success and long term health…and will likely even teach you more yourself as what you really need!!!


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