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PFC Every 3

How to Use Food as Fuel: PFC Every 3 Mini Online Course

Check out the course that has been called, “Magic!” If you want to know more about our approach and EXACTLY how to eat PFC, THIS is all you need, folks!  With lifetime access and a FREE week in our membership group, it's our #1 resource of Diet Disruptors Click here for more info.
PFC Every 3

Our One-of-a-Kind PFC Recipe Subscription!

We have taken all the work out of this lifestyle for you with our monthly recipe subscription. Find out why subscribers say it's like Christmas every month when they get a new one in their inbox! Our PFC Balanced recipes are simple, tasting, family friendly and balanced so you can CRUSH your goals!  Only open during certain times of the year. Click here for more info.

101 Simple PFC Grab-and-Go Meal Combinations!

No more than 5 ingredients for simple, PFC meal ideas! 101 Simple PFC Balanced Meal Ideas are pre-written PFC combinations that use 5 ingredients or less, are already perfectly portioned and ready for you to USE! Just $19.00 with Immediate Download Click here for more info.

Chili and Soup Recipe Bundle!

Founder Carrie Lupoli collaborated with Foodie Suha Owens put their favorite chilis and soups in a bundle! 10 easy to follow recipes with all the specific PFC information you can't find anywhere else! Just $5.99 with Immediate Download Click here for more info.

Chicken and Sides DOUBLE Recipe Bundle!

Double the recipes!  Our favorite chicken and side dishes, all PFC balanced and ready for your your whole family to enjoy! Double the recipes wtihout double the price!$8.99 with Immediate Download Click here for more info.

Health and Wellness Recommendations

Recommended Nutrition Line


There is a reason we ONLY affiliate with certain organizations for nutrition supplements and protein powders. Arbonne's 40-year history and commitment to quality and clean eating is second to none. At Disruptive Nutrition we take our responsibility in what we recommend to our clients very seriously and this is the only line we use for ourselves and our families.  Did you know that the US bans just 13 ingredients from health and wellness products but that Europe bans 1300? Arbonne, however, takes it a step further and bans 2000!

Completely pure, safe and beneficial, Arbonne products not only meet our high expectations for quality ingredients, but they are also non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, never tested on animals, environmentally friendly and a great value.  In addition, they are so YUMMY that our kids LOVE them too!

We have curated our favorite products into incredible, cost-saving bundles that also comes with special bonuses, exclusive to Disruptive Nutrition clients! Not sure you want to try a whole bundle? No worries…first time clients can purchase individual items from our house account!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this line and our favorite recommendations!

Recommended Clean-Crafted Wine


It's no secret that Coach Carrie and many of our clients LOVE wine.  But even though she teaches that a sustainable nutrition plan shouldn't make you feel deprived, for a long time she didn't know what was really lurking in wines. The headaches and what she thought was an “allergy” to her favorite indulgence caused her to dig in.

Here’s the scary truth…MOST wines are often riddled with pesticides, chemicals, and extra sugars. There are literally NO regulations of what has to be on a label and the FDA approves ridiculously HIGH levels of pesticides, chemicals, additives and sugars to be in a bottle of wine.  And they don’t have to tell us about it.

Thanks to Scout & Cellar’s clean-crafted wines, this has been a game changer for us wine-lovers.  We are able to enjoy it now in its purest form as it was meant to be – with no artificial chemicals, additives, or added sugars. In fact, their wines are made with just grapes, natural yeast and most with less than 50ppm of sulfites (with ALL at under 100ppm). Most wines contain up to 350ppm sulfites per bottle!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this amazing wine and try some today!

Clean-Crafted Wine

Aloha Protein Bars: This is THE FAVORITE, go-to-bar at Disruptive Nutrition. It’s a COMPLETE, CLEAN veg protein. There are certain flavors that are a great balance of proteins, fats and carbs and an awesome option for a meal replacement! CLICK for Chocolate Brownie CLICK for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough CLICK for Caramel Sea Salt CLICK for Chocolate Mint

No Cow Protein Bars

No Cow Protein Bars

Finding protein bars that are PFC balanced, clean and tasty is no easy task!  But recently our clients taste tested this option and the response has been amazing!  With so many different flavors, we suggest the variety pack to pick your favorite! Click here.

Book Recommendations

Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?
Mark Hyman, MD

We very much believe in eating what we call “healthy and correct” which means not only do we need to eat what is good for us, but we have to eat the right combination foods, at the right time in the right amount. This book is our go-to resource for understanding all about what is HEALTHY. It is a must have reference that is easy to use whenever you feel overwhelmed by choices and are thinking, “What the heck should I be eating?!” Click here. 

Body Confidence
Mark MacDonald

Mark is the guru of all things “correct” when it comes to the balance of eating “healthy and correct” and a BIG fan of Disruptive Nutrition.  In fact, he even called our 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle Launch program one EVERYONE should do. He has trained all of our coaches on our team and we use this book all the time to teach and support our clients. If you follow us in our Facebook Group you know we talk about eating “PFC Every 3” and that is the term that Mark coined…so grab the book that came from the guru himself! It’s an easy ready, an awesome reference and it even has great PFC recipe ideas! Click here. 

The Road Back to You
Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

A book everyone should read to gain a deep understanding, in a simple way, of who you are and where it all came from. Understanding how to take the “road back to you” involves reflection and introspection and this book gives you a formula for how to do it. By understanding more about who you are, you can better name your limiting beliefs and mindsets to get on the oath to be the healthiest version of yourself! Click here.