Shannon Robinson

Shannon Robinson

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC

Professional Educator

Brief Bio:

As a wife, stay at home mom and homeschool teacher to my two active twin boys; I am always looking for ways to keep us as healthy as possible. 

Over the past decade plus, I have aimed to make annual fitness goals for myself and absolutely love cooking and eating healthy and nutritious. I am a teacher by trade but always said if I ever went back to school I would want to study health and nutrition. It’s just a passion of mine! Well, recently I discovered I can combine my two loves…teaching and health/nutrition!  

After completing my first 4 Weeks 2 Wellness challenge with Disruptive Nutrition I was AMAZED at my results after just 28 days! I now know how to balance all the healthy (and not so healthy) foods to best fuel and serve my body by eating or drinking a protein, fat and carb every 3 hours. PFC every 3! It’s a lifestyle game changer! 

I am thrilled to be a Distruptive Nutrition Coach and Arbonne Consultant and would love to guide, teach, coach and cheer you on as you embrace a new health journey. INSPIRE to be the BEST version of you!!!

Helpful Nutrition Hint:  Don’t get overwhelmed…add one or two health and nutrition changes into your routine at a time. They will soon become second nature! A great place to start is NEVER leave home without a HEALTHY snack option!