Aug 1, 2022

Podcast: Episode 99: Gwyn's Glucose Goals

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

At Disruptive Nutrition we do NOT just tell people what to eat, and there is a reason for that!  We KNOW that getting healthy takes SO much more than just a meal plan… and Diet Disruptor Gwyn is walking proof!

Gwyn went through 10 years of trying about 30 different diets that were NOT working, feeling frustrated and combating stress and divorce along that way… before coming across a Facebook ad for Disruptive Nutrition.  

She attended our free seminar and WON entry into one of our programs! 

But THAT was not where her story ends. Her journey had only just begun there because a traumatic circumstance got in her way.  The result? She didn’t FULLY commit to the lifestyle… UNTIL a surprising diagnosis shifted her mindset for good!  

In this episode, Carrie and Gwyn discuss…

Gwyn’s Wins

  • No more anxiety
  • No more expression
  • Boosted energy
  • 6 Inches lost around her waist
  • 4 inches around her hips
  • Lost 33 lbs (according to the DOCTOR)

Gwyn’s Rude Awakening

  • Not really following PFC mindfully
  • Not digging into the mindsets, habits, and systems
  • Getting a Type II Diabetes diagnoses after a year as a Diet Disruptor
  • Realizing the issue was NOT the program
  • Realizing the issue was chronic stress, preoccupation, and not committing 

Getting Back to the Basics & Really Committing

  • Gave herself grace and then dove back into the programs
  • Got a Continuous Glucose Monitor
  • Focused on her mindset
  • Had a much bigger WHY leading her
  • Developing skills and strategies to carry her through future seasons of stress/trauma

Making True Progress

  • 6.8 A1C to 5.9 A1C from February to May
  • Keeping her blood sugar between 80 and 120 with very few exceptions
  • Decrease of anxiety due to feelings of empowerment

Impacts of Chronic Stress

  • Spikes of cortisol
  • Spikes of blood sugar

Gwyn’s Key to Success

  • Putting in the time to grasp, learn, and implement
  • Getting up an hour earlier
  • Committing to morning time and showing up for herself
  • Setting limits for herself with work

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