Jan 24, 2022

Episode 73: Christy’s New Story

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

We can’t wait for you to meet Christy!  A busy, working mom, she has literally tried all the diets and has done everything “right” including working out, eating the way she thought she should, etc.  So she walked into our doors pretty skeptical.  But 6 months later her story is VERY different than it was and she can’t wait to share it!  She and Coach Carrie will discuss…

Christy’s Before Story

  • Has been on every diet since a teen
  • At a certain age, she learned that some of those diets don’t work anymore
  • Was tired of riding the diet roller coaster
  • Worked out consistently with a trainer 5 days a week almost 2 hours without being able to lose the weight
  • Learned that over-working out and NOT fueling correctly, her body was holding onto fat
  • She used to feel constantly deprived, constantly needing to count
  • She never felt she could enjoy herself eating out
  • She beat herself up everytime she went off a bit, and it would blow the whole day/week

Christy in the Lifestyle

  • NOW Christy can reset in 3 hours any time she indulges
  • NOW Christy has begun to stay away from the scale, no longer allowing the number to dictate her happiness
  • NOW she thrives under the support of the membership
  • NOW she trains only 3 days a week and does less strenuous activities on other days
  • NOW Christy has lost a lot of inches, feels good in her cloths, and has been gaining muscles
  • NOW Christy is less bloated and feels leaner
  • NOW Christy understands that this is a JOURNEY that will always continue
  • NOW Christy journals, plans, and sets her intentions for the day/month
  • NOW Christy feels GREAT and sleeps like a rock
  • NOW Christy feels TOTALLY in control of her time
  • NOW Christy understands serving her body vs her soul and she also can tell the difference between physical and emotional cravings

Christy’s Planning Routine

  • At the start of the month, she plans her month
  • At the start of the day, she plans her day
  • Saturday she plans her meals for the week before heading to the gym
  • She tries at least ONE new recipes from the vault each week
  • Sunday she meal preps for the week


How She is Sticking with it!

  • Gets back to the basics and resets regularly with the 4 Weeks 2 Wellness
  • Engages in weekly membership coaching calls
  • Engages in membership book studies
  • Engages in membership guest coaching calls
  • Uses down time to listen to a DN podcast or watch a DN vlog

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