Aug 8, 2022

Episode 100: Confronting Your Cravings

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

The topic for today’s episode is one that EVERYONE can relate to… but what you will learn may surprise you!  That topic is cravings, and Carrie is going to talk all about the different reasons we get them, how to figure out exactly what your body is telling you, AND how to confront your cravings head-on!  

It is NOT about your willpower and you do NOT have to be a slave to cravings for the rest of your life!  In this episode, Coach Carrie discusses…

Two Types of Cravings

  • Physical cravings- your body telling you it is LOW on something
  • Emotional cravings- can feel physical, but should be “fed” differently

Cravings as Signals

  • 88% of deaths right now are from a metabolic disease
  • Metabolic diseases come from perpetually dysregulated blood sugar
  • High cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, cander, diabetes, obesity, heart disease
  • Your body sends you SIGNALS about this dysregulated blood sugar, and cravings is one of these signals

Speaking your Body’s Love Language

  • You are NOT going to be able to differentiate between physical and emotional cravings until you can speak the same language as your body
  • You are NOT going to be able to properly fuel your body through intuitive eating… until you can speak the same language as your body
  • We can just eat whatever we want without thinking about it, because our body’s won’t get what they need
  • We also can’t be super obsessive and tracking and depriving and never going out… because that is not living
  • You need to understand food and how it works in your body by learning the language of blood sugar stabilization 

The Cause of Physical Cravings

  • Blood sugar roller coasters
  • Hormones are out of whack
  • When we do not fuel but we expend energy, our body’s react
  • Low blood sugar sparks physical cravings for sugar/carbs for quick energy to pull up your blood sugar
  • When you do NOT feed those physical cravings, your body pulls from your muscle
  • When we later binge… your blood sugar gets really high… and your metabolism slows

Confronting Physical Cravings

  • When you balance your blood sugar with food, your physical cravings go AWAY
  • Eat your protein FIRST, followed by fat and carbs last
  • Fuel with PFC every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar balanced
  • If you balance effectively, you can identify cravings as emotional

Confronting Emotional Cravings

  • Boredom, stress/anxiety, sadness… can all impact your blood sugar
  • STOP and NOTICE and ASK: What am I feeling?  Why am I feeling this way?  What triggered me?  Am I bored?
  • PIVOT your thinking… What if I didn’t go to the pantry right now, but I do something else?  
  • Go for a walk, sit in the sun, call a friend, fold laundry…
  • If you have an emotional cravings, food will not satisfy it but doing something else will

Are YOU ready to fully confront your cravings? Your check engine light is ON and it is time to stop ignoring it!  Finally, be able to TRULY tell the difference between physical and emotional cravings AND be able to confront them!

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  1. Leisha


  2. Leisha

    100% I know mine is when I stress or if I don’t plan on what I’m eating for the day I’ll just go buy a bag of Doritos or M&Ms. My triggers cause my cravings and then I eat the junk and want more b they have things in them that are addicting. It’s a vicious circle for me.


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