Michelle Richards

Michelle Kramer

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC

Counselor and Educator

Brief Bio: I have always had to “watch what I eat,” and yet I never felt satisfied or good about myself. My metabolism was slow, and unless I was working out 2-3 hours a day, my body would not let weight go. I always thought that my genetics dictated my body shape and that I just had to “do the best I could” to stay healthy. Well, this never worked. Raising two children and working full time does not allow for much time to focus on myself. However, I have always been fascinated with nutrition and NOT dieting in my efforts to look and feel good.

I literally stumbled upon Disruptive Nutrition’s Carrie Lupoli while watching a video she posted on a Costco Facebook page. She was talking about the items she purchased on her shopping trip, and how she would use them to make correct and healthy PFC meals. I was intrigued and had to know what the heck she was talking about!

The main key that hooked me into this program was hearing that I could jumpstart my metabolism—what?!!! No way! I had never in my life been told that. You mean I had a say in how fast my metabolism would work for me? My experience in the 4w2w program proved this program’s worth. Here was a whole new way of learning how to take care of myself without struggle, suffering or misery.

The very best result I received from adopting this lifestyle is that I wake up each morning with energy and positivity. No longer do I drag myself out of bed as each day starts. This lifestyle is sustainable for me and my family. I do not feel deprived and I have shifted my outlook on the way I eat, the way I feel and the way I want to live.

Helpful Nutrition Hint: Be intentional, plan and prep!

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