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Nutrition Coach who is passionate about PFC and helping women reach goals

Jackie Hromada

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC

Brief Bio:

After giving birth to my beautiful two children I struggled with my weight.  I had gained nearly forty pounds after both pregnancies and tried every “diet” under the sun to loose the extra weight.  NOTHING WAS WORKING and I was tired of starving myself to try and reach my health goals!

I was discouraged, I was depressed, and I absolutely hated the way I felt and looked.  This was an all-time low for me!

I knew I needed a change that was SIMPLE for this busy mom, SUSTAINABLE over time so that the weight would stay off, and SATISFYING so that I never felt hungry nor depriving myself.

I started working with Disruptive Nutrition and their 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle program…IT CHANGED MY LIFE!  

After completing the 4 weeks I felt extremely knowledgeable about how to fuel my body and learned why all the “diets” I tried would never work!  Not to mention I lost 12 pounds, I had tons of energy, my mood swings vanished, and I FELT GREAT!

So, I decided to continue with the program to achieve my weightless and health goals!  I knew if this program could work for a very busy Mom, I knew it could work for others just like me.

After receiving my Health Coach Certification, I became a Coach with Disruptive Nutrition & have never looked back!  Since then, I have helped men & women achieve their health goals and truly love the skin they are in!

If your ready to get your health back on track, I look forward to working with you is your personal coach!

Client Specialties: Women, Pregnancy (Pre & Postpartum), Hormonal Change, Endometriosis

Helpful Nutrition Hint: Water, Water, Water!  If you drink your optimal amount of water per day you set yourself up for success!

Email: hromada.jackie@yahoo.com

Website: http://JackieHromada.arbonne.com/

Facebook: Jackie Hromada

Instagram: @jackiehromada