Spoiler Alert!!!!!  The answer is no.


While fasting has been around since the time of Jesus, (my all-time favorite person, btw), it’s only recently become a trend in the “dieting” world. Just like all diets, if you are looking to lose weight, only to gain it all back again and wreak havoc on your body and your mindset in the meantime, well, Intermittent Fasting may just be for you.


Intermittent Fasting (IF) may be for you…

  • If you can handle the “hangry” feeling for days until your body gets the message that you won’t be fueling it so it shuts down the hunger pains and feeds off your muscle instead.
  • If you don’t care about your blood sugar being balanced throughout the day and as a result LOVE the impact of a slow metabolism.
  • If you look forward to the blood sugar spike when you do eat, which signals to your body that it should store fat because it doesn’t really know when you will feed it again.
  • If you are super excited about not being able to go out for lunch with your friends because you can’t eat all day!
  • If you look forward to vacation where you inevitably won’t stick with the fast, so because your body is all confused, it will hold onto the food you give it and gift you all the weight you may have lost.
  • If you love that feeling of having no energy.
  • If you have goals to lose weight and then not only gain it back, but you also gain a few extra pounds for good luck!
  • If you enjoy the impact that a blood sugar “roller coaster”creates such as hormonal imbalance and risks of diabetes, depression, dementia and Alzheimers.
  • If you love the feeling of failing at another diet and perpetuating the mindset that we have to feel deprived to be lean!


Let’s dig a little deeper as to why IF doesn’t work.


Intermittent fasting, as a health tool, was developed for very specific reasons, for a very specific population. Much like KetoHowever, because short term “side effects” were weight loss, the diet industry jumped on it and we fell for yet another one of their tricks.


The key to boosting our metabolism so that our body sheds unnecessary weight rests in the science of blood sugar stabilization. Intermittent fasting does exactly the opposite.  Our body’s goal is to be balanced and blood sugar stabilization is how that happens.  Our body does it in one of two ways: either through food (super cool) or on its own own by pulling fat and nutrients from our muscles (not cool).


So when we go 12 hours without eating, our blood sugar gets extremely low.  At first, you feel super hungry…which stinks, right? But then EVERY PERSON I have ever talked to who does IF says, “After a few days I didn’t feel hungry anymore and it was great!”


I want to scream at them: THAT’S BECAUSE YOUR BODY IS GOING INTO STARVATION MODE. Your body is loyal to you…it will listen to what you tell it and if you say, “sorry, not gonna feed you…even if you want it,” eventually it will get the message, stop sending you the hunger messages, turn on the “low power mode” setting in your body and start pulling from your muscles.


As a result, you slow down your whole system.


And what happens when you eat again?  Well, your body, who loves you says, “YES!  I’m getting fed!!! YAHOO!!!!”  


However, just like any relationship, the trust has been broken, so after it celebrates the nourishment, your body sends you a silent message that you probably don’t hear until it’s too late.


“So,” your body says, “because I don’t trust when you will feed me again, I am going to take care of numero uno over here and just hold onto it, you know, store it away for safe keeping”


And then the cycle continues until, eventually, you go on vacation or decide to have lunch with friends, or just plain get tired of the plateau’d weight loss…and you start eating again.


And by this time, your metabolism is so low, and like getting back together with a cheating boyfriend, the trust is gone.  So, your body will hold on to every calorie, thus causing you to gain it all back…plus a few extra LBs for good measure.


The thing is, this is exactly what the diet industry KNOWS will happen…..because what will you do next?  You'll go back to Google to search for the next diet you haven’t tried yet…because surely one of them will work.




Diets are always meant to fail us.  And Intermittent Fasting is no different. Click here to read my blog all about why, although hopefully you got a good start to the rationale here.


Will you lose weight for the short term? Yes.  Is it worth it? Not at all. Is there a better way? Absolutely.


We have to actually FUEL our bodies correctly so they can perform for us the way they were designed.  Check out my blog on how to use food as fuel by clicking here.


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