Jul 18, 2022

Episode 97: Why Cindy is Going to Live “Forever”

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

This week Carrie is coming back with another guest!  We can tell you all day long about how and why our approach works, but all of that pales in comparison to hearing real people like Cindy talking about how their lives have been changed after doing one of our programs!  

Cindy is a mom of NINE kids and one of our fabulous Diet Disruptors, she JUST finished only the first part of one of our programs… and then she went to the cardiologist.

Well, she expected to see SOME kind of improvement but also kept in mind that sometimes numbers don’t drop the way we want them too.  BUT when her cardiologist came into the room, he dropped a bomb!! Just WAIT until you hear what he told her!

In this episode, she and Carrie discuss…

The Cardiologist Visit

  • Dropped cholesterol from 153 to 54!
  • Schooling the doctor 

Cindy’s Story

  • 3 adopted children, 6 biological
  • Children have life-time special needs 
  • Fitness instructor with an ankle injury
  • Depressed about her physical situation
  • Husband who is a doctor with heart disease and diabetes

The Disruptive Nutrition Ladder

  • Modeling behavior for her kids
  • Modeling behavior for her husband

Cindy’s Additional Wins

  • Getting used to tea without honey
  • Going from being a “snacker” and snacking on foods that did not serve her
  • Cravings disappeared because of stable bloodsugar 
  • Getting rid of the crash and having more energy
  • Being better able to deal with HIGH stress

Why Diets Fail

  • ALL about deprivation 
  • Nothing flourishes in a deficit
  • Diets “work” better when young but each diet works a little bit less
  • Slows your metabolism & leads to muscle cannibalism 
  • Lack of nutrient intake/absorption causes your body to react in negative ways
  • Your body can’t handle off plan meals

Signs of Dieting PTSD

  • You have a short-term mentality
  • You are eating and are calorie conscious
  • You are tracking your food in an app
  • You are having to get back on track multiple times
  • You are weighing yourself to measure progress

How You NEED to be Measuring Progress

  • How you feel
  • How your clothes fit
  • Your performance in the gym
  • Your energy levels
  • Your skin
  • Mental clarity
  • Bloodwork
  • Finding success in the day

Cindy’s Advice for Learning

  • Forget EVERYTHING you think you know, to focus on what you need to know

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