Jun 13, 2022

Episode 93: Stop the Summer Sabotage

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

It’s SUMMERTIME, folks!  And every year women tell us they cannot start a new nutritional program at the start of the summer, but there is something WRONG if your approach to getting healthy only works during certain times of the year!  

Not to mention, weight gain is a symptom of health and hormones and your body is telling you that you are in trouble!  Do NOT sabotage yourself this summer!

At Disruptive Nutrition, our approach is about understanding food, knowing how to eat to serve your body anywhere at any time, recognizing that food also serves your body, AND never feeling deprived… 

So Carrie is going to share 15 Summer Hacks, and you do not even have to do them ALL, to get yourself healthier RIGHT NOW! And when you can do this during the summer… you can do it ANY time!  In this episode, Carrie discusses…

Empowered Summer Thinking 

  • Focusing less on the short term
  • Getting a deeping why
  • Doing something different every day with 1% progress
  • Thinking differently about success

15 Daily Summer Tweaks for Improved Health

  1. Spend 5 minutes of intentional morning time
  2. Have a protein shake within an hour of waking: 
  3. Avoid the SPIKE by eating before you feel hungry and pair your carbs
  4. Start having SMALLER meals
  5. Do not go to a party hungry 
  6. Add a fiber-filled green (or any light) veggie BEFORE you eat your meal
  7. Get your gut healthy: Kyani Restore Digestive Enzyme
  8. Limit gluten and dairy
  9. Swap out processed foods for homemade 
  10. If you are going to have alcohol, add veggies and go Clean Crafted or make your own
  11. Drink more water: and Kyani Electro
  12. Wake up in the morning and get outside for 10-15 minutes and again at sunset to help naturally balance your cortisol and melatonin
  13. Sleep in a totally dark room
  14. Walk after you eat (at least once a day)
  15. If you need to snack, go for a more savory snack and avoid the soda!

For more information on the shakes, supplements, and protein bars we recommend, check out: 

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