May 30, 2022

Episode 91: The DN Story

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

While this is not yet our 100th podcast episode, this is our 100th LIVE episode at Disruptive Nutrition!  Carrie is so excited to have been able to come and provide value to you for 100 weeks and wants to celebrate with a special episode on the Disruptive Nutrition Story!  Carrie left her full time job years ago to commit herself 100% to She will share all about how this movement got started so you can hopefully see how this is a mission, purpose, and calling for all of the coaches and staff at Disruptive Nutrition!  In this episode, Carrie discusses…

Carrie’s Story

  • She was a college athlete
  • She worked out 6-7 times a week
  • Never had weight issues… and could not even gain weight
  • Was body shamed for being too skinny
  • Always believed that how she looked equated to her value
  • Was unable to eat pizza because the voice in her head told her it would make her fat
  • Realized she had an eating disorder
  • Struggled for years with her relationship with food and not understanding it at all
  • Struggled with a lack of self confidence but faking it
  • Was obsessed with the scale and her body but nobody knew
  • Struggled with fertility and getting pregnant through IVF
  • Put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and then struggling for years with diets to get the weight off

Carrie’s Turning Point

  • Realized that her daughter’s were learning from her that pizza was too many calories
  • Joined a gym 
  • Felt  miserable at the gym and did not go back for 6 months because she was not ready
  • Began the cycle again and was ready
  • After a year of consistency at the gym, she was not seeing the results
  • A nutrition coach came and did a $5 seminar and asked about what was more correct: an apple, or a pizza with chicken
  • Learned for the first time about balancing blood sugar
  • Signed up to work with the coach for 10 days and was able to do a pistol squat with added weight!
  • She learned a lot about fueling her body, but did not learn about serving it
  • She eventually saw that, while her blood sugar was balanced, she still had a lot of inflammation and was not that healthy

Coach Carrie’s First Program

  • She began eating balanced AND clean and coaching family and friends to do the same
  • Began getting more and more referrals and started teaching more women with a 4 week program
  • Worked with hundreds of women but found that they were not staying on track for more than a year
  • She realized that she was teaching them how to eat clean and balanced, but she was not addressing mindset, nor was she teaching them how to live this lifestyle in a balanced way for life

The Birth of a Bigger Movement

  • Realized she needed to give women an opportunity to learn the trifecta
  • Women needed to know how to eat in ANY situation
  • Women needed to think about their thinking and to be taught how to be intentional when life gets stressful
  • Women needed to learn habits and strategies to be able to serve their bodies forever, no matter what changes they face in life
  • Women needed more than just a honeymoon, but to cultivate the relationship
  • With the new approach, more than 90% of women were sticking to the lifestyle more than a year later

Bringing it to the Next Level in 2022

  • Partnering with Kyani and Mark MacDonald
  • Working with health pros around the world on the Nitro Nutrition Movement
  • Being able to offer the “Target Line” to reach more people

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