May 23, 2022

Episode 90: The Strength of Strength Training

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

In this episode, Carrie is joined by her very own personal trainer, the man who she says when it comes to personal training, there is NObody better… Living Lean’s Mark Derry!  We talk all the time about the six plates we MUST keep spinning, and so today Carrie and Mark will be talking about the exercise plate and the importance of strength training.  In this episode, they discuss…

The Benefits of Strength Training

  • The EASIEST part is losing weight
  • The goal is to get up off the ground and play with the kids at 80 years old
  • Everything you do and will ever do for your entire life… is based in strength
  • You have to stimulate your skeletal muscle to keep your upright as you age

Tips for Strength Training

  • You have to fuel properly
  • You have to lift heavier than you want and are comfortable with
  • You should be failing and NOT reaching all the sets
  • You should be mixing up your routine
  • You should be using a broad repetition range

Mark’s Specific Formula for Growth over a Month

  • The workout for each Monday, Tuesday, etc. is the same for the month
  • Week 1 uses medium weights for the moves
  • Week 2 uses lighter weights and high reps
  • Week 3 is heavy weights and low reps
  • Week 4 is back to medium weights and you should be lifting heavier than week 1!

Strength Training and getting “Bulky”?

  • It’s really all in people’s minds
  • You gain muscle and THEN you LOSE body fat and see the weight loss
  • 1 lb of muscle and 1 lb of fat are the same weight but fat takes up more space
  • More muscle fiber cells activated means more space for fat to get metabolized 
  • When you lose weight with cardio, you lose muscle
  • It is not about weight, but body composition
  • Women lose 5-10% of muscle every year after a certain age
  • You MUST work your lower half because those are your largest muscles
  • Upper back, core, and glutes are important for structural health

Machines vs Free Weights

  • Machine loading takes away from your ability to hold yourself in space safely 
  • Your nervous system is asleep on a machine
  • Your core is not engaged in the same way on a machine
  • You are unable to do full body exercises
  • You are unable to stimulate your postural muscles
  • Unless you have an orthopedic issue, you should be doing 80% off machines and no more than 20% on
  • When in doubt, do the free weight… even if it is LESS weight

The Cardio Thing

  • Strength endurance training has a cardio effect
  • If you are running on a treadmill, you should run outside because of hip flexor stress
  • You should be exerting enough energy that it is too difficult to talk much
  • If you are ready for your next set right away… think about your weight selection
  • Walk outside, ideally with hills
  • Treadmills kill your hits and gait pattern

Sticking with Strength Training

  • Have a strong WHY
  • Get over the hump
  • Get a buddy!
  • Make it a part of your life and a necessity
  • If you miss a workout… who cares!?  Do it again the next day!  You are NEVER done for the week!
  • Try doing FOUR strength days a week and whatever you want after that 

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