May 9, 2022

Episode 88: Are you suffering from Dieting PTSD?

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

In this episode, Coach Carrie reflects back on how she came to learn about eating to fuel her body and what her life looked like before she finally ditched the diet for good.  But even though she and SO many other Diet Disruptors have kicked the dieting industry to the curb for GOOD… that does not mean there is not still lingering trauma from those YEARS of dieting and feeling like you were doing something wrong every time you failed.  

Carrie talks all about how you can figure out if you too are suffering from a type of dieting post traumatic stress disorder… and she is not using that term lightly!  Listen to find out if you have any of these TEN signs of Dieting PTSD…

  1. You use the word “Cheat” when referring to a meal or enjoying a treat

  • If you are saying or even THINKING it, there has to be something there
  • When you use these words around those you influence, it has more meaning than you realize
  1. You are scared of regressing when you are not “perfect”

  • Your body needs consistency, not perfection
  • Food should not be binary 
  • Thinking of food as “bad” replaces the obsession with calories
  • Food serves our bodies and souls, and we need both

3.You are thinking too much about EVERYTHING you put in your body

  • You may even be thinking, on some level, of calories
  • You can still feeling like you need to be restrictive to meet your goals
  • You are still giving food power over you
  • Self awareness is health, so work to be more aware of this
  1. You feel GUILTY going “off plan” or see a number on the scale we do not like

  • This guilt can be debilitating 
  1. You are scared of carbs

  • We have been SO inundated with the notion that carbs are bad
  • It was Atkins and then Keto that have made us afraid
  • You may feel yourself avoiding carbs out of fear
  1. Hunger still feels good

  • If hunger somehow still feels like you are doing something right, this is you
  • Hunger is NOT a badge of honor!
  • Hunger is your body TELLING you that your blood sugar is low
  • If you do not eat and are not hungry, it is only because your body is tired of yelling at you
  • Stop allowing that hunger to make you feel like you are in control
  1. You still mistake weight loss for feeling good

  • You may be aiming for a goal weight because at that weight in the past you felt “good”
  • Deprivation weight loss is not health
  • Weight loss from a diet causes an endorphin spike that blinds you to the signs your body is giving you and you only THINK you feel good 
  1. You are tracking your food

  • How much TIME is writing everything down?
  • Is writing it all down REALLY necessary?
  • Once you really know how to eat, there is no need to track it
  • Keeping a log ends up giving food power over you just like when you track calories
  1. You feel like you have to earn food

  • This is when you feel like, because you have been good all day, you have earned dessert
  • This is when you feel like, because you did not do well that day, you can’t have a treat
  • You should not be punishing your body if you don’t do “well” that day
  1. You are eating a different meal than your family

  • We talk ourselves into this by talking about what serves you and what your children will eat
  • We have to make sure that we are communicating to our family and controlling the message being sent when eating as a family
  • We should be able to modify a meal versus making entirely different meals
  • There are ways to have foods your family loves that ALSO serve your body via our recipe subscription

What are some of the mindsets YOU have had that have stuck with you over the years!  It is time to move to EMPOWERED mindsets and break free from the shackles that the dieting industry has had on us!  If you are ready to figure this out with us, book a free call with one of our coaches to help you make this happen!   

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