May 2, 2022

Episode 87: Laura, from Caterpillar to Butterfly!

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Our podcast guest today says that sometimes… she doesn't even RECOGNIZE herself!  Coach Carrie is SO excited to have Laura on the podcast to share her inspirational story and transformation after becoming a Diet Disruptor only two and a half MONTHS ago!  In this episode, they discuss…

Laura’s Story

  • Always self conscious about her weight/size
  • Could only lose and keep weight off by dieting “like a fiend”
  • Was never able to keep weight off when living her life
  • Always felt like foods like cake, pasta, or bread were BAD
  • Was always riddled by guilt over food
  • Participated in about 20 different diet programs in her lifetime 
  • Trying to diet since she was 7 years old!
  • Always felt like she needed to do and be the best to get attention
  • Used weight as a shield from past abuse

Signs Laura was READY for Change

  • The concept of blood sugar stabilization and not wanting to become a diabetic like her father really resonated with Laura
  • Realized that it was TIME to invest in herself, especially after the loss of her dad 
  • Recognizing how she had sabotaged herself for all these years with all of the dieting
  • Realized that, even when she was smaller, she was not releasing inflammatory fat

Laura’s Wins

  • After the first month, gaining had mental clarity
  • Having more courage and was able to set boundaries she would never have been able to set before with toxic people in her life
  • Moving away from operating as a victim
  • Moving from just KNOWING about positive self talk, to making it a reality
  • Finally being able to break the cycle of shame and feelings of low self-worth
  • Finally being able to stop obsessing about food so she could focus on more important things
  • Freeing herself from the number on the scale
  • Feeling good in her clothes and seeing her body changing
  • KNOWING it is not about a quick fix
  • Getting healthier and being confident that changes will continue to come
  • Gaining confidence in who she is and no longer apologizing for being HER
  • Breaking the cycle of cravings 

If you have spent years dieting like Laura did and are READY for YOUR transformation, do not wait to book a call with one of our coaches TODAY!  It is time for YOU to break the cycle and become the best version of yourself!   

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