Apr 11, 2022

Episode 84: Coach Joanna’s Blood Sugar Experiment

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

This week Carrie is joined by one of our amazing coaches, Coach Joanna! Joanna has been with Disruptive Nutrition for quite some time now and as a woman in the medical field who WORKS with elderly people suffering with metabolic diseases, who is a diabetic educator… She is a HUGE asset to the work we do.  

In her 22 years working in the healthcare field, Coach Joanna has seen first hand the effects of failing to stabilize blood sugar throughout a person’s life. And her unique perspective leveled up when she strapped a blood sugar monitor on HERSELF to test it out for her patients!  

In this episode, Coach Joanna and Coach Carrie talk all about Joanna’s story, her knowledge, and what she learned from her own glucose monitor experiment!  They discuss…

Preventing Metabolic Disease

  • The trouble with society’s “Name, Blame, and Tame Approach”
  • We are told the false information that if you are NOT diabetic or prediabetic, your body will take care of blood sugar stabilization on its own effectively 
  • When we continue to tax our body to compensate for yo-yo dieting, it pays the price over time
  • When we HELP our body to DO that work more efficiently, we are less susceptible to these metabolic diseases down the line

What Brought Joanna to Disruptive Nutrition

  • Needing to lose weight
  • Wanted to get back her energy
  • Was at a point where she was falling asleep on the couch every night
  • Was not able to keep up with her young children

Joanna’s Struggles Getting Started

  • She could not figure out how she would eat every 3-4 hours when she didn’t know what she would make for dinner
  • She did not know if it was the right time to start
  • She did not know if she HAD enough time to commit

Joanna’s Glucose Monitor Data Experiment

  • Her fasting levels upon waking were coming up at prediabetic levels
  • She recognized right away that her stress levels were up, her activity was down, and her nutrition had been sliding
  • She saw a spike when she forgot to add the fat to her meal
  • She went for a walk to bring down the spike… but it went too low!
  • The same time the following day she had a completely BALANCED PFC meal and went for the same walk… and her numbers were stable
  • She had her night time Aloha bar and the result was a VERY stable blood sugar that night AND a much more stable blood sugar the next morning

The Takeaways

  • When you balance your blood sugar consistently over time, you do NOT have to be PERFECT!
  • Your body CAN stabilize itself much more easily when it is not taxed with having to do so constantly
  • When you eat balanced meals, you avoid both a blood sugar spike AND the crash
  • You can even REVERSE a prediabetes diagnosis through lifestyle changes WITHOUT medication 
  • You may feel like metabolic disease is very far down the road, but what you do NOT matters SO much

Whether or not metabolic disease is in YOUR future depends on what you do NOW!  Do not wait to book a call with one of our coaches so we can talk to you and help you figure out how you can turn your nutrition around TODAY!  https://training.disruptivenutrition.com/booknow?el=msg 

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