Apr 4, 2022

Episode 83: Caring Hands

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Carrie is joined by Carl Taylor the founder of Kyani in this week’s exciting episode!  Carl did not NEED to build this nutrition business on top of his 30 thousand acre Idaho potato farm, but he did it anyway and he did it because he and his wife knew that it would help people and NOT just through selling these products.  

Today, Carl and Carrie are going to talk about Caring Hands and the Potato Pak and how POWERFUL the relationship between Disruptive Nutrition and Kyani really is.  They are going to tell you what Kyani is REALLY about because you are GOING to want to be involved!  They discuss…

Kyani’s Goals & Impacts

  • To help an entire community to become self sufficient
  • Focusing on education from grade to high schools
  • Increasing attendance in schools
  • Adding computer labs to schools
  • Starting Kyani University to create first generation college graduates
  • These educated individuals are able to return to their communities and create businesses and jobs
  • High Schools have begun copying the Kyani business models

How YOU can be Paying it Forward

  • When you get your nutrition in line, you can focus on your true purpose in life
  • When you improve your own health with Kyani products, you are also helping Kyani send Potato Paks, which are complete nutrition, to families in need
  • Potato Paks are going to Poland to feed Ukrainian Refugees
  • Diet Disruptors got to donate Potato Paks to go to these refugees
  • You can buy a Potato Pak any time to be sent to families in needs
  • You can donate to Caring Hands any time to help build schools in poor communities

Leave a comment if you want to learn MORE about how you can be a part of this amazing mission!

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Sponsor: Kyani: https://disruptivenutrition.kyani.com/us/ 



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