Mar 21, 2022

Episode 81: Finding Body Harmony: Erica’s Story

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Today Carrie is so excited to introduce you to Diet Disruptor Erica!  She is a runner, and, when you look at her, you would NEVER guess at her struggles… but she secretly ALWAYS hated running!  That is, until she disrupted her nutrition and finally found harmony with her body!

Being a Diet Disruptor is about SO much more than weight loss, which is why there is a place for you at Disruptive Nutrition EVEN if, like Erica, you do not have weight to lose!

We ALL have our stories, and Erica is here to share all about what brought her to us and how she became a healthier, stronger, more intentional person!  She and Coach Carrie discuss…

The Discipline of Declining

  • Breaking yourself of being a slave to ANY food/drink
  • Looking at it more as an allergy elimination approach
  • Focusing on it not as a diet, but as a way to reach her optimum health

Getting to Know her Body

  • Learning how gluten impacts her body
  • No longer blaming her adrenals
  • Being able to make intentional choices around food

Finally Getting the Runner’s High

  • She had been pushing herself to run, but considered herself the “not a runner runner”
  • After doing the 4 Weeks to Wellness and getting her nutrition on track… she finally got the runner’s high and finally learned what running is SUPPOSED to feel like
  • Found that she had been under fueled and didn’t have enough energy for her runs
  • The little shifts lead her to hit a goal of 15 minutes off her fastest half marathon 

The Impacts of Quarantine

  • Getting into quarantine and thinking she would be MORE active and MORE on point with her nutrition
  • She went from moving through the classroom and being active in the classroom to SITTING at a table day in and day out
  • Trained for her marathon diligently before going out of town and losing her mojo
  • Ran her last half marathon in August… and felt awful, her body hurt, and she knew she wasn’t properly fueled
  • Considered quitting running for good

The Jumping Back in Mindset

  • We have been taught that if we miss a run or mess up a meal, we have to wait to start over
  • With Disruptive Nutrition, you learn that you can make it work even if it isn’t flawless
  • With Disruptive Nutrition, you learn that you can start again EVERY 3 hours
  • It is not about being perfect, it is about being CONSISTENT

Doing the Kyani 21 Day Reset

  • Within 3 days, her gut felt amazing
  • The importance of the right supplementation
  • HL5 Collagen and the improvement to her knee pain

The Opportunity for Teachable Moments

  • Sharing with her students why she eats so much
  • Talking about how her meals are comprised of protein, fats, and carbs
  • Sharing the lifestyle with her children and making sure they eat protein and are balanced

Are you READY to do SOMETHING? If you are ready to figure out how YOU can find harmony with YOUR body, we are here for you! Our coaches are ready to get on a call with you to discuss how you can get to your optimum health!  Book a FREE call today:  

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