Mar 14, 2022

Episode 80: Getting Your Mind on YOU Side!

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Today’s episode is all about the importance of language and self awareness.  It is time to stop living your life like the number on the scale, the size of your jeans, and your food intake determine your VALUE.  

We want you to start being AWARE of your thinking and to start saying your thoughts around your health OUT LOUD!  We want you to redefine your idea of what WORKS when it comes to nutrition!  

And in this episode, Carrie is going to break down how you can leverage your own thoughts so they start working FOR you instead of against you.  She discusses…

Thoughts Versus Reality

  • The “truthiness” of what we think is right and true is DIFFERENT from what is actually right and true
  • When we speak our thoughts aloud… They sound very different!
  • Saying thoughts aloud MATTERS and makes a really big difference
  • Thoughts that stay in our heads, live in the right, non-linear, non-solution driven side of your brain
  • When you say your thoughts out loud they move to the left, more organized, solution driven side of the brain
  • We can also write down our thoughts to move them from right to left for heightened awareness

Awareness= Step 1

  • We are looking at situations DIFFERENTLY but no necessarily DOING anything just yet
  • You are not aware of your triggers and what you do self consciously to sabotage yourself, you can’t truly change

Redefining What “Works”

  • What is YOUR definition of your measure of success when it comes to a nutritional approach?
  • Deprivation is the commonality of all the methods women have tried that have failed them
  • Changing your thinking and awareness and creating replacement behaviors is what works
  • If you are looking for weight loss, the younger you are, the better a diet will work
  • As you get older, what makes a diet work as you are younger, works less and less, especially after diet after diet
  • You can literally not eat, and of course you will lose weight… but that can’t go on forever
  • Does the diet you didn’t eat on ACTUALLY work?
  • Your body at a deficit raises its stress levels and has a lowered immune system
  • Diets only work for the short term with regard to weight loss and negatively impact your health
  • Fueling your body WORKS because you can do it for LIFE and do not put yourself at risk for metabolic disease

And ONE conversation with one of our coaches can be the trigger that changes EVERYTHING for you!  Let us help YOU start the path of self awareness so transformation is ready for YOU whenever you are ready for it!  Book a FREE call today:  

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    Thanks Carrie, excellent podcast…lots to absorb, but also simple in it’s approach to health and the definition of does it “work”,


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