Mar 7, 2022

Episode 79: Diann

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Are you sitting on pain island right now?  Experiencing failed diet after failed diet and an unhealthy relationship with food?  Well, this week Carrie is introducing you to a woman who is totally enjoying PLEASURE ISLAND right now… and she wants to show you the boat to get there!  

Diann has been working with us for 9 months and NEVER would have imagined that she would have come as far as she has… let alone that she would be SO happy with her results and SO confident in this lifestyle that she would feel compelled to get on a LIVE EPISODE and podcast to share her story with others!  

In this episode, Coach Carrie and Diann talk all about her move from pain to pleasure island.  They discuss…

Diann’s Pain Island

  • She sat there for about 20 YEARS
  • She dieted and thought about FOOD more than about her purpose on this earth
  • She could no longer lose any weight
  • In her 20s she was thin, but she was NOT healthy
  • She went through a phase of skipping breakfast to save calories
  • Began to go to the gym and to focus on eating “good food” and avoiding “bad food” after her first baby and again after her second
  • Experienced the GUILT that came from eating any “bad food”
  • Had gestational diabetes with her 3rd pregnancy
  • Chose to treat her gestational diabetes with food instead of insulin
  • After her 3rd child was born, going back to old ways
  • Began more structured programs that were very restrictive like 21 Days and Weight Watchers

What Diets DO to Us

  • When diets are too restrictive you HAVE to be perfect because you body is DEPRIVED
  • When you are body is DEPRIVED, it can’t handle off plan foods
  • You literally can’t handle going out to eat! Or, because there is no room for error, you often just throw in the towel
  • When you stop restrictive programs, the impacts of that program are like a slingshot and all the weight comes back plus some

Being DONE with the Diets

  • Thought she could just stop… but the weight came back
  • Went back to exercising and just trying to eat “good”
  • Realized that she HAS to figure the food part out
  • Began researching and learning about the decrease in metabolism with age and diet
  • BECAUSE of her research, Disruptive Nutrition kept popping up
  • Kept coming back to Disruptive Nutrition because she felt a connection with Carrie and her approach

Becoming a Diet Disruptor

  • Worked to CONVINCE the sales team that she was READY to get on the boat
  • Knew she was ready because she wanted to make the change by just needed to know how to do it
  • Actually learning about FOOD so she could eat anywhere at any time
  • Working on the mindset and the time management and getting SO much more than she expected
  • Shifting from wanting to lose 20 lbs to getting to be her best self for her grandbaby 


Getting to Pleasure Island

  • Buying a pair of $150 pants on sale for $20 that were too small
  • By balancing her hormones and blood sugar, she dropped sizes… and can wear her new pants!!
  • Correcting her body’s balance and being able to release the inflammatory weight
  • Looking both leaner and healthier because the weight she lost was done CORRECTLY
  • Developing new structure to her DAY so that she now makes things like exercising a habit
  • Experiencing huge GAINS in her workouts
  • Knowing that she will be able to do this FOREVER because no foods are “bad” anymore! 
  • No longer experiencing guilt around food or feeling the need to EARN food
  • No longer seeing food as “good” or “bad” but as food that fuels your body or food that fuels your soul

If you are ready to get on the boat and FINALLY move from pain to pleasure island, like Diann? We are here to help you figure out HOW!  Let’s get you on a call with one of our amazing coaches to help you get a plan that works for you, forever.  

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