Feb 28, 2022

Episode 78: Back to the Basics

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

It can get REALLY easy to be bogged down in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture when it comes to your health.  This lifestyle is not about perfection.  It is about a few basic concepts being practiced with consistency over time.  

Which is why, in this week’s episode, Carrie is stripping it all down and just getting back to the basics of what makes this lifestyle WORK so well!  There are SO many diets and SO much confusion out there on social media, but the answer is actually very simple… and none of these fad diets are telling you what it is.   

Carrie will be clearing the noise and sharing with you the most basic thing that YOUR body needs so that you can reach your optimum health without EVER having to diet again.  Even if you think you have tried it all, you haven’t tried this!  Take some notes because Carrie will be discussing…

What Fad Diets are Lacking

  • They are all about deprivation, which is not sustainable
  • They are putting your body at risk for hormonal imbalances and a litany of metabolic diseases
  • They are usually focused just on looking good in a bathing suit
  • Diets are forcing your body instead of working with your body
  • 75% of medical schools have doctors do 10 hours or LESS of nutritional training
  • They do NOT focus on the ONE thing your body actually needs!
  • 72% of people are considered “obese” and are looking to lose weight
  • 50% of the population goes on a diet each year
  • Efforts do not match the outcome

The HOPE in this ONE Thing Your Body NEEDS

  • We cannot go BACK and undo the past
  • It does not MATTER how long you have been on the diet roller coaster!
  • It is ALL about balancing your blood sugar!
  • The impacts on menopause 
  • When you balance your blood sugar, you can begin to tell the difference between physical and emotional cravings

What Happens when you DON’T give your body what it NEEDS

  • We have been taught that our bodies will balance our blood sugar on their own and we ONLY have to worry about it if we become diabetic… but this is WRONG!
    • Your body CAN balance it’s blood sugar on its own, but it is much less effective
    • Your body has to work extra hard to balance your blood sugar when you eat the wrong things… and if you keep it up, your body eventually shuts down
  • When you body needs to balance its own blood sugar, it begins pulling fat and nutrients from your MUSCLES instead of getting rid of inflammatory fat
  • When you keep throwing your body out of balance, it becomes stressed and releases too much cortisol… which then spikes our blood sugar
  • Spiked blood sugar means surges of insulin
  • You cannot release the weight for the long term

How to Stabilize your Blood Sugar

  • You need to ACTUALLY understand food and what is a complete protein, fat, and carb
  • You need to begin to eat proteins, fats, and carbs in the right combination which releases a balance of glucagon and insulin and allows you to digest food more slowly and speed up your metabolism
  • You need to be eating the same portion size EVERY time you eat
  • You need to not allow yourself to be either super full OR super hungry

What Blood Sugar Stabilization DOES NOT Look Like

  • It is NOT looking for the next fad diet
  • It is NOT about avoiding carbs
  • It is NOT tracking food it an app
  • It is NOT counting calories
  • It is NOT deprivation of ANY macronutrient

If you are READY to ditch the diet and truly start serving your body with the ONE thing it really needs, then take advantage of our FREE training and get on a call with one of our coaches: https://training.disruptivenutrition.com/free-training-registration 

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