Feb 7, 2022

Episode 75: Christina’s Responsibility

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

On today’s episode you are going to hear from a woman who has been down a road that is HARD and while learning how to take responsibility for herself, she is realizing her purpose holds a whole new level of responsibility towards others.

Christina is a Diet Disruptor who is taking a risk at being vulnerable with you all in the hope that her story gives you permission to start telling a new story for yourself.  We can’t wait for you to meet her!  In this episode, Carrie and Christina discuss…

Christina’s Journey to Disruptive Nutrition

  • Past struggles with alcohol 
  • The power of learning about herself
  • Isolated during quarantine and lost track of herself
  • Went to food for comfort
  • Felt miserable and began getting depressed and was napping and sleeping all the time
  • The impacts on her relationships with her kids and husband
  • Replaced the addiction to alcohol with the addiction to sugar

Christina’s Holiday Slip Up

  • Allowing too many concessions until the exception became the norm
  • Going down and staying in the rabbit hole
  • Being able to identify the slip
  • Going back to the tools and the membership community to get back on track
  • Leaning on the confidence of KNOWING what to do to get back with a reset
  • Being ABLE to jump right back in quickly!

How Christina is Doing NOW

  • A YEAR into being a Diet Disruptor 
  • Practicing consistency over perfection
  • Feeling happier and less anxious
  • Sleeping SO much better and having more energy
  • Adding in movement for her mind, body, and soul

Becoming an Ambassador

  • Wanting to share her passion for the lifestyle
  • Wanting to connect with others like her to help them experience something that can make them feel GOOD
  • Having become more responsible for herself so she could be more responsible for her family has led her to feeling responsible for others!

Chrtina’s Advice on Doing the HARD thing

  • You just have to say YES
  • You have to get out of your head, which will stop you
  • Take ONE step at a time and focus on small goals
  • Know that you can do it and that you have the support

If you are ready to chat about how you can tell a new story, like Christina, you have a responsibility to yourself to figure it out.  Let’s get you on a call with one of our amazing coaches to help you get a plan that works for you, forever.


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