Jan 31, 2022

Episode 74: The Disruptive Nutrition Line at Target

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Carrie has been working on this with Mark MacDonald, celebrity author and nutritionist, for over a YEAR, and she’s finally ready to share something that will change EVERYTHING for some of our followers.  If you are ready to make a change then listen up! This new program may be perfect for you!  In this episode Carrie discusses…

Some Carrie Background 

  • Being in a bad place with her health
  • Traveling 2-3 weeks a months as an educational consultant, mindset coach, and behavioral specialist

The Problem with Teaching People How to Eat

  • The online course that didn’t work
  • People can KNOW how to eat and NOT do it
  • People would rely on motivation and life would happen
  • We can control our response to circumstances but ONLY when we learn HOW
  • Learning how to eat won’t matter if you can’t respond to your circumstances

Why our Premiere Programs Work

  • The program was written by Carrie who is uniquely qualified with her background in education and behavior
  • We make sure people are READY 
  • We teach more than just how to eat
  • We have seen all the scenarios and know how to respond
  • We ensure our clients cultivate their relationships with their bodies
  • We provide a community to back you up when life happens and to keep you motivated and engaged
  • We have multiple ways to work with women and make it financial feasible

Finding the Missing Piece to Reach MORE People!

  • Needing something both AFFORDABLE and that doesn’t have pieces missing
  • The 6 Plates: water, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, supplements
  • Finding the right supplements and a partner that is philosophically aligned

Introducing… The Nitro Nutrition 21 Day Reset & Monthly Accelerant with Kyani!

  • This is like our Target line!
  • With less than our designer lines, but with all the information you need
  • Better than reading a book or taking an online course
  • Addresses the 6 Plates AND the mindsets
  • Kyani is the top supplement line in the world with a mission to provide wellness through hope and opportunity
  • More of a DIY program than the more exclusive programs
  • Includes your supplements and helps you learn to balance the rest of your plates
  • Includes a booklet, some recipes, and some exercises 
  • Instead of personal guidance, you will have access to an exclusive FB group and daily lives my Mark MacDonald
  • Mark Hyman’s Podcast on Nitric Oxide: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/most-important-molecule-for-health-you-have-never-heard/id1382804627?i=1000516118607 

Who is the NEW Program For?

  • You know a decent amount about food
  • You HAVE to be really self driven
  • You have to KNOW you will show up for yourself
  • You need SOME support, but don’t need to be held accountable
  • You understand your value and needs and it isn’t JUST about the savings
  • ALL you need to succeed is a plan, the products, and a community

If you are READY for this BRAND NEW plan and you can honestly say you are ready to hold yourself accountable, all you need to get started is to purchase a Kyani Nutrition Bundle and you get this program for FREE!  Head www.disruptivenutrition.com/shop and click the Kyani link or book a call for more information: https://training.disruptivenutrition.com/survey-page 

Learn more about making good nutrition a sustainable lifestyle by heading over to Facebook to interact with Carrie and her team!  We answer questions, share timely and relevant information, and even share our grocery store finds!  You can find us by going to www.facebook.com/groups/dietdisruptors!  Be sure to subscribe to this podcast to learn more as Carrie and her coaches continue to disrupt everything you THOUGHT you knew about nutrition!

Sponsor: Kyani: www.disruptivenutrition.com/shop




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