Jan 17, 2022

Podcast-Episode 72: Meet Donna The Medium

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

On today’s episode you are going to meet one of the most inspiring women we have had the pleasure of working with!  Her story will resonate with so many of you and wait ‘til you hear what she did to FINALLY crush her goals and go from a size 16+ to an 8/10 Medium in less than a year!  Carrie and Donna discuss…

Donna’s Back Story

  • Had known about Mark MacDonald and PFC and had implemented about a decade ago
  • Found out she was an emotional eater and put back on all the weight she had lost
  • Works in health care and was VERY stressed and dealing with situational anxiety
  • Turned to food and wine to treat stress and overwhelm 
  • She KNEW she was eating her feelings and what the outcome would be

The Problem with the Dietician Program

  • Focused on clean foods and eating throughout the day
  • Did not focus on PFC the way she had learned
  • Found out after 6 weeks that it was not working because it was not addressing her BEHAVIOR

The Problem with the Gym-based Program

  • Turned to a gym to help both the anxiety and the weight gain 
  • Ended up with a diet plan that was DEPRIVATION 
  • Found herself feeling hungry and still without change
  • Started back to her emotional eating habits and was kept up at night by GUILT for overeating to feed her emotions

The Problem with Nutritionist Program

  • Worked with the nutritionist over the phone only
  • Was put on 1200 calorie program
  • Had to write down and take pictures of all her food
  • Found herself both hungry and unhappy with the program structure

Finally Getting it Right

  • Thought she was just going to have to deal with being overweight
  • Got the notification for the Metabolism Series Mark and Carrie did
  • Was loving hearing that she could have carbs and enjoy wine
  • Did some more research and dove into the 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Program
  • Had strong confidence entering the program because her journey had led her to a point where she finally KNEW what she was doing was right
  • Never has to berate herself for enjoying food and never has to live in the guilt

Why the Disruptive Nutrition Approached WORKED

  • Each night she worked through the learning that focused on SO much more than weightless
  • Got to work on differentiating between emotional need and hunger
  • Learned how to KNOW her triggers
  • Learned how to do something DIFFERENT to deal with emotions/stress
  • Began to feel really EMPOWERED
  • Learned that it was NOT about willpower or grit, but about balancing her body to be able to deal with the emotional issues

How Donna is WINNING every day!

  • She still gets to enjoy wine thanks to Clean Crafted Wine- www.disruptivenutrition.com/wine 
  • Finally got rid of the scale
  • Going from an XL to a MEDIUM or even a size small!
  • Is no longer miserable, hungry, or deprived
  • Getting the energy and strength to hit the gym as a means to deal with the anxiety
  • Climbing the mountain
  • Freeing up the cognitive load by NOT constantly thinking about food and food guilt
  • Gaining new capacity to serve others

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