Jan 10, 2022

Episode 71: Feeding Your Family

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Do you ever make a different dinner for yourself because you are on a diet or eating “healthy”??  At Disruptive Nutrition we know that some of the little things we do can make a big impact on our kids and the mindsets they have in regards to their bodies, dieting, the power that food has on them and so much more. Believe it or not, many of us are sending messages to our kids without realizing it and today we will dig into that!

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The Importance of your WHY

  • Our behavior stems from our beliefs
  • Massive behavior change can’t happen without a strong REASON for change

WHY we have been eating different dinners than our kids

  • We believe our kids won’t eat what we have made
  • We are giving our kids what they want and then making something for ourselves
  • We are on a different food schedule than our kids
  • We are on a diet!

WHY it is important to eat the SAME dinner as our kids!

  • Kids will eat what they are USED to eating–what they are given on a regular basis
  • We do not want to send our kids the WRONG message
  • It becomes a chance to teach our children about healthy food and fueling their bodies and set them up for success in life
  • Gifting our kids a healthy experience on a regular basis

The Litmus Test

  • Ask yourself if your nutritional approach or diet is BASED IN SCIENCE
  • Ask yourself if you can sustain it FOR LIFE
  • Ask yourself if you would PUT YOUR KIDS ON IT

Tips for talking to kids about food!

  • Recognize that EVERYTHING is a protein, fat, and carb
  • ASK your kids where their PFC is!
  • Share that food is not good or bad, but serves our bodies or serves our souls
  • Share with your family the idea that we should have MORE food that serves our bodies than food that serves out souls

How to eat dinner together!

  • Be intentional and set a time you and your family will eat
  • Adjust your eating with half meals to ensure you can eat with your family
  • Be intentional about what you will cook and plan ahead
  • INVOLVE your kids!  Make your family members responsible for dinners from 11+
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