Jan 3, 2022

Episode 70: "A Day in the Life"

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

This is the VERY first episode of the Diet Disruptor's Podcast!  This episode tells a bit about Carrie’s journey and also digs into what we are all about at Disruptive Nutrition!

In this episode, Carrie discusses…

Inspiration & Mindset

  • How being a mom and educator influenced her when, at almost 40 years old, she began her journey toward not just being lean, strong, and healthy in body, but also shifting her whole mindset (00:40)
  • The importance and power of modeling appropriate beliefs and behaviors around nutrition to our children (02:00)

Exercise & Failed Diets

  • Her experience as a college athlete and not being taught proper nutrition (04:16)
  • The eating disorder that came when she was no longer a college athlete (04:50)
  • Going back to the gym at 40 after all the confusion and frustration about all the conflicting diet information that was out there: no carb, low carb, no fat, all veggies, calorie counting (05:20)
  • Getting stronger but realizing that nothing had really changed in her body because her nutrition was still off (06:10)

The Birth of Disruptive Nutrition

  • Signing up with a nutrition coach and the question that turned it all around: “What do you think it’s better to eat… an apple or pizza with chicken?” (07:05)
  • What exactly it means to FUEL your body instead of depriving it (08:00)
  • The confidence that comes when you know your nutritional approach is right for your soul, body, and mind (08:50)
  • Learning how to combine the concepts of “Healthy and Correct” and what it does for your metabolism, hormones, gut, weight, strength, and long term health (09:30)

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