Dec 27, 2021

Episode 69: “Establishing Habits that Actually Stick”

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Are you MOTIVATED to really get going in 2022?  This is the week a lot of women often tell me that they are ready to really figure out a plan for the new year.  Well, I am going to take advantage of that motivation and teach you HOW to establish new habits that will actually STICK for the long term!

Also, exciting news at the end of the episode about the 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Program! 

In this episode, Carrie discusses…

The New Year Resolution Mindset

  • Helping you get to a point where you DON’T need to “get it together” every new year
  • It isn’t about just learning how to eat, but making a real change to mindset and behaviors
  • We need to be able to continue when the New Year’s motivation wanes
  • We need to be able to push through the different times of the month when, as women, we are less motivated
  • You have to be READY to stop going around the mountain

Four SIMPLE Steps to Forming New Habits

  • Make it OBVIOUS
    • Stack yourself up for success by controlling the environment
    • Dig into understanding how to balance your blood sugar and eat as clean as possible
    • Take ALL the “crap” out of your pantry
    • Take pictures of YOU cleaning out YOUR pantry!
    • Go grocery shopping with a list that is going to serve you 
    • Use the mindset that you GET to serve your body
  • Make it ATTRACTIVE
  • Make is EASY
    • Start SMALL with easy wins
    • Make 2 meals meal replacements
    • Use the 101 PFC Meals: 
    • Use the Disruptive Nutrition Recipes!
    • Eat within an hour of waking up by having a balanced protein shake every morning
  • Make is SATISFYING
    • You do NOT have to be deprived
    • You can enjoy ALL the foods that you love because ALL foods are a protein, fat, and a carb
    • There is NO need for a cheat meal… have appreciation meals every week!

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