Dec 13, 2021

Episode 67: Happy and Healthy Holiday Tips

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Today we are taking a break from our 3-part series (we will be back with part 3 next week!) and we are setting you up for success  AND satisfaction for this holiday season!  YES, you can have your Christmas cookies and cocktails without feeling guilty or derailing your goals!  Let us show you how!  In this episode, Coach Carrie and Coach Staci discuss…

The Typical Holiday Mistakes

  • Giving into the pressure to engage
  • Practicing Hog Wild December, thinking you can worry about it in January
  • Living with the idea that you CAN’T address your health in December
  • Practicing the habit of eating food just because it is there
  • Experiencing the GUILT of overindulging impulsively without a plan or purpose
  • Giving into the sugar cravings
  • Giving into psychological, hormonal responses to the sight/smell of treats
  • Trying to balance out treats by starving yourself or over exercising

Winning & Not Depriving Yourself

  • Moving toward using food as fuel and with a purpose
  • Understanding the difference between physical needs and psychological desires
  • Understanding that food is NEITHER good or bad
  • Planning to incorporate treats into your PFC meals
  • Knowing that it is okay to say no & practicing the discipline of declining
  • Practicing intentionality 
  • Knowing that food serves your body or your soul and that both are important
  • Saving your treats for the foods that ACTUALLY serve your soul
  • Putting MORE food that serves us into our bodies than foods that do not
  • If a food doesn’t serve your body OR your soul, asking yourself WHY you are eating it
  • Knowing that just because someone is serving alcohol… does not mean you have to say yes!
  • Knowing that CONSISTENCY over time MATTERS!  You can’t be on and off when the holidays come

Keeping ALL the Plates Spinning!

  • Don’t stop exercising JUST because you are indulging
  • Keep up with your sleep
  • Keep up with your hydration, which also helps you flush some of the toxins in your body from holiday treats
  • Don’t stop taking your micronutrients and digestive enzymes, which are even MORE important when you are indulging
  • Continue to try to balance your meals and fuel your body regularly even when indulging

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