Dec 6, 2021

Episode 66: “From Resolution to Reality” The Disruptive Nutrition Blueprint Part 2

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Today is the 2nd of a 3-part series pulling back the curtain on the exact blueprint of our model.  LWhy is that important? Because the LAST thing we want you to do is to start 2022 with the mindset that you are going to “get healthy” in 2022 only to lose your momentum by January 5th.

We are going to show you the model and plan for what you need to do at the start of the year so you ACTUALLY make that resolution a reality.  Carrie discusses…

The Changes the Do Not Last

  • The Dry January approach
  • Focusing on perfection instead of progress
  • Going in hard, but without a solid plan
  • Being on again off again
  • Giving food power

The Impact of Last TWO Years

  • 2020 for a lot of people mushed into 2021
  • Covid wreaked havoc on our health and habits
  • People are struggling with stress weight
  • Time to acknowledge that we can’t control our circumstances
  • Diet Disruptors did NOT go through the same experience through CoVid
  • When we truly adopt a transformational lifestyle, we can deal with WHATEVER is thrown at us

The Litmus Test

  • Is it based in science?
  • Is it sustainable?  Can I do it for the rest of my life?
  • Would I put my kids on it?

Thinking about our Thinking

  • Getting to your optimal weight does not happen without dealing with core issues
  • When you don’t deal with those core issues, you will think the nutrition is failing you and you will stop and eventually look for another diet again
  • Why we DO NOT just give our meal plans because they don’t lead to long term sustainability
  • Mindset is where the magic happens
  • You need to come to terms with what you want versus what you are willing to do
  • You have to understand the difference between can’t and won’t
  • You need to determine a strong WHY to keep you moving when motivation does not

The Dieting Mindset Fails You

  • Thinking you have to deprive yourself to succeed 
  • Feeling guilt
  • Thinking it has to be painful
  • Thinking that it has to be hard
  • Thinking that it is only temporary
  • Thinking you failed when the diet does not succeed
  • Thinking you failed because of lack of control or willpower
  • Developing self awareness by start to notice the things you do and say them aloud
  • Knowing your value
  • Being confident during the process because you know what you are doing is right
  • Using Mile Markers to build confidence

Intentionality & Your WHY

  • Tapping into the power of consistent morning time
  • Recognizing the need to plan and THEN execute
  • Knowing that you can’t execute without a plan
  • Recognizing that weight is not motivation enough
  • Realizing that losing weight will not make you happy
  • Recognizing that there are a ton of unhealthy, skinny people

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