Nov 29, 2021

Episode 65: “From Resolution to Reality” The Disruptive Nutrition Blueprint Part 1

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

At Disruptive Nutrition, we know that diets don’t work… so we do not diet!  We believe that so strongly that it is in our name.  But we also believe that no program should EVER be based on a product.  Programs that do not teach you about food and how it works in your body do NOT set you up for long term success!  You should be able to go anywhere and do anything and still be able to eat and meet your goals!  So in this episode you are going to begin to learn JUST that.  In part one of a special three part series, Coach Carrie begins giving us the EXACT blueprint of the Disruptive Nutrition approach.  She discusses…

The Gradual Release of Responsibility

  • Starts with the expertise from the teacher
  • Gradually releases the responsibility from the teacher to the students
  • In the end, students should be able to apply what they have learned independently and in a variety of situations
  • The cognitive load moves from the teacher to the student
  • At Disruptive Nutrition, we use the Gradual Release of Responsibility to teach YOU about health, nutrition, and mindset

The 3 Parts of the Trifecta

  • Connecting with our bodies
  • Working on our mindsets
  • Creating systems for sustainability

The Spiraling Curriculum

  • We don’t assume that just because we taught it…you learned it
  • In a spiraling curriculum, we keep circling back to all 3 parts of the trifecta again and again
  • This approach is what allows for the gradual release of responsibility
  • The learning never ends!

The Importance of Consistency

  • Success depends on consistency
  • Trust between you and your body occurs with positive interactions over time
  • We educate, help you to continue to cultivate and provide a community that motivates you

The 6 Plates

    • When we know the 6 plates, we can evaluate the issue by looking at which of the 6 has stopped spinning
    • The Plates: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Water, & Supplements
    • A good program should teach you about ALL of these areas in order for you to be successful in the long term
  • Nutrition is an important base 
  • Supplements from Kyani: 
  • Exercise triggers lean muscle mass to be built from the balanced meals you eat
  • Without sleep, your body will not absorb more nutrients, your gut health will decline, your exercise will suffer, your blood sugar will be more difficult to stabilize, you will gain weight, and your body will age more quickly
  • Shawn Stevenson’s book Sleep Smarter: 
  • Cortisol gets released when we experience stress and hormonal issues are exacerbated by this
  • Systems and strategies allow us to continue toward our goals in times of stress
  • Which plate is the hardest for YOU to spin consistently?


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