Nov 1, 2021

Episode 61: Why “Eating Healthy” is Not Going to Cut It

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

How many of you are trying to “eat healthy” and feeling like it's hard, not working… or just plain unsatisfying?  Well, we may be the only nutritionists around that will say this to you….

Eating healthy isn’t going to cut it.

We know, crazy, right?  Well, on this week’s LIVE episode Carrie will break down for you what we mean and what you need to know about why eating healthy isn’t going to work for you.  And stay til the end for a very special offer EVERYONE can take advantage of so you can totally implement exactly what we are teaching today!!!

The Mindset Issue with “Just Eating Healthy” 

  • Women understand they can’t sustain the diet, and so they are just “eating healthy”
  • A mindset of eating “healthy” is like being on a diet
  • Food still has a value that is debilitating and is still binary: healthy or unhealthy, dirty or clean
  • When you eat something dirty or unhealthy… you feel guilty
  • You are still obsessing about food and will have a hard time not thinking about the carbs, fat, and/or calories

The “Just Eating Healthy” Plateau & Weight Gain

  • You will lose weight because your body is releasing toxins… but you will plateau and eventually even gain the weight back
  • We can eat healthy, but if we are not eating balanced meals, we are not balancing your blood sugar
  • You can eat yogurt, granola, and fruit… that is ALL healthy and ALL carbs, so you will spike your blood sugar and gain weight
  • When you don’t give your body the proper nutrients at the the right times and in the right combinations, your body will eat away at your muscle and slow your metabolism

Eating Healthy… AND “Correct”

  • Food stops being BINARY because all food is a protein, fat, and carb
  • You have a continuum between “red” and “green light” meals
  • When you really understand how food works in your body, you can make intentional decisions without guilt
  • When you balance your blood sugar AND eat healthy 80% of the time, you will BOOST your metabolism, increase lean muscle, shed fat, and become a HEALTHIER you!
  • You can eat ANYwhere, ANY time, in ANY situation and still be working toward your goals
  • Your body starts to learn how to take what it needs and burn what it doesn’t

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