Oct 18, 2021

Episode 59: Avoiding the Pit

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

So today’s episode is a bit different than what we typically do! Last week Carrie was asked to deliver training to thousands of people as part of the Nitro Nutrition movement she talked about in her last podcast episode.

Nitro Nutrition is a movement that we have started with health pros around the world to bring the foundation of our approach to the world!  In a proud partnership with the Kyani product line and celebrity nutritionist Mark Macdonald, we are helping people everywhere win with their food and their bodies.

Carrie’s training was met with so much praise that we thought we would share it with you right here on today’s episode.  Learn The Top 5 Pitfalls To Avoid That Are Keeping You From Achieving Your Health Goals!

Grab the worksheet to take notes as you listen → https://disruptivenutrition.com/avoidthepit

Carrie will discuss these FIVE common pitfalls and how to avoid them…

  1. Falling into the pit of ourselves

  • We sabotage ourselves with our thinking and what we DO with ourselves
  • We fall into the pit of ourselves when we lose motivation and talk ourselves into feeling OKAY with compromising on our goals
  • Our bodies CRAVE consistency… How consistent have YOU been with your body?
  • Trust is positive reactions consistently over time
  • If you break promises to yourself on a regular basis, you are going to fall into the pit of yourself
  1. Falling into the pit of focusing on the wrong metrics

  • Relying on calorie counts
  • Focusing on losing a specific amount of weight on the scale
  • The diet industry has us completely bamboozled about what it takes, and what we need
  • Losing weight on a diet TRICKS you into thinking the diet works
  • In reality, weight loss from deprivation means loss of muscle and a slower metabolism
  • On a diet, cheat meals cause you to gain the weight back and you think YOU failed
  • STOP using the scale as the measurement and focus on how you FEEL
  • We need to focus on blood sugar stabilization as the foundation for EVERYTHING
  • When motivation fails, counting calories is TOO MUCH MATH!
  • Focus on your body and what IT is telling you!
  1. Falling into the pit of all of nothing

  • Do you see food as GOOD or BAD?
  • If you eat “bad” food you feel guilty
  • You think that you are “cheating” when you eat unhealthy
  • You SAVE your calories to eat at dinner, or ate a big breakfast and then felt like we couldn’t eat all day
  • You think of food as BINARY and it controls your life
  • Food serves our body AND food serves our soul, and if we can’t have BOTH it isn’t sustainable
  • Allow yourself an appreciation or gratification meal
  • Stop thinking that you need to EARN your food like an animal!
  1. Falling into the pit of feelings

  • We follow our feelings… and we have to realize that our feelings are FICKLE
  • Basing our decisions on our feelings means we are making short term decisions that are not INTENTIONAL
  • Get in tune with your why, set your day up with intentionality, and do not break promises with yourself
  • Make your decisions ahead of time and stick to it
  • Use your morning time and your evening routines to help you with intentionality
  • It does not matter what your plan is… just stick to it!
  1. Falling into the pit of following the trends

  • We HAVE to keep our trends to the closet
  • The approach of eating in 3s has been around for 20 years
  • When you stabilize your blood sugar, you are speaking your body’s love language
  • We HAVE to do what we know works and do it FOREVER
  • Our bodies NEED six things: nutrition, exercise, water, sleep, stress, and supplements
  • When you feel you are going off the wagon, do NOT jump to the next trend but reconsider your “Six Things” and see where you need to do some work

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  1. Lisa

    Love this!!!! Have felt every pitfall! The 6 things, 6 spinning plates! 🙂


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