Oct 11, 2021

Episode 58: What is the Nitro Nutrition Movement?

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Carrie has started a movement.  And she couldn’t be more excited about it.  Tune into today’s episode to learn all about the global impact WE (yes, you too!) can have on this world and on you!  It’s all about community and nitro power, baby!  Carrie can’t wait to share more!  She discusses…

The Birth of Disruptive Nutrition

  • Starting out as a behavior specialist and mindset coach
  • Being trained by a Venice Health Coach
  • Becoming certified as a Health Coach
  • Connecting Disruptive Nutrition with Mark MacDonald

Connecting with Kyani

  • Kyani’s products fill all the gaps we need that aren’t filled by our nutrition
  • All of the products work together to create the nitro effect 
  • Kyani is how we can “help the health pro to win”

The Nitro Nutrition Movement

  • A program being launched globally with products and a community
  • Provides access how to eat PFC, how to use food as fuel, and how to eat clean
  • The Nitro Nutrition Movement is more DIY and not one-on-one like our coaching programs
  • The program is gender and age neutral and is great for either health enthusiasts or health professionals
  • Health professionals do not have to develop a nutrition plan on their own… it is provided!

How to Get Started

  • When you buy a Nitro Nutrition Bundle, you get access to the Nitro Nutrition Plan for FREE
  • You receive a booklet to guide you AND gain access to an exclusive Facebook group to support you

Check out Mark MacDonald’s Book: https://venicenutrition.com/books/body-confidence/ 

Get Started with Kyani: https://disruptivenutrition.kyani.com/us/ 

Learn more about making good nutrition a sustainable lifestyle by heading over to Facebook to interact with Carrie and her team!  We answer questions, share timely and relevant information, and even share our grocery store finds!  You can find us by going to www.facebook.com/groups/dietdisruptors!  Be sure to subscribe to this podcast to learn more as Carrie and her coaches continue to disrupt everything you THOUGHT you knew about nutrition!

Sponsor: Kyani: https://disruptivenutrition.kyani.com/us/ 



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