Oct 4, 2021

Episode 57: How to Cut Calorie Counting Out of Your Life Forever

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Where are my calorie counters at?  How about all of you who track your food for the day with an app?!  How’s it working for you?  Would you want your kids to learn that skill?  We don’t count calories, we don’t track our food and yet our bodies are doing all the things (and more) that you think the monotonous, ineffective and time consuming task of counting and tracking should do.  You know what that means? FREEDOM.  Join Carrie today as she unpacks exactly HOW to cut all that nonsense out of your life… Forever!  She discusses…

Two Major Flaws with Calorie Counting

  • Not all calories are created equal
  • We are a FUEL-AS-YOU-GO machine!  If you get up earlier or go to bed much later than another person of the same age/height… you need more food!

Counting Calories Does Not Work

  • The calories we eat versus the ones we burn are two DIFFERENT things and it is not a simple math equation
  • If you are focused on calories, you are not focusing on fueling your body 
  • Counting calories may have worked in the past when you had a fast metabolism
  • Putting yourself at a deficit by restricting calories leads to low blood sugar and loss of muscle
  • When you save up for a big meal and overeat, you spike blood sugar and store fat EVEN if you only took in 1200 calories in total
  • Counting calories does NOT lead to consistency in your body

Gastric Bypass & Weight Gain

  • Just because you have a smaller stomach, doesn’t mean you are fueling yourself properly
  • Once fat cells are created, they are always there
  • You can spike your blood sugar and also store fat even with a smaller stomach 
  • You can have low blood sugar and lose muscle, which slows your metabolism
  • You HAVE to learn how to fuel your body the right way

Fueling your Body Correctly

  • Carbs can spike your blood sugar, but they also fuel our brains and give us energy
  • If you eat a protein with your carbs it counteracts the impacts of carbs by releasing insulin 
  • Protein also helps you body build muscle by providing it with the amino acids it can’t make
  • Fat helps you to digest your food by slowing down digestion, helping you absorb the nutrients in your food, and also keeping you full until it is time to fuel again in about 3 hours
  • When you fuel your body in the right portions with the right nutrients… calorie counting does not have a place in that
  • Focusing on your PFC at each meal is EASIER because it means LESS MATH!

Counting Calories, Malnutrition, and a Poor Metabolism

  • You aren’t going to be looking at the nutritional value of food if all you focus on is calories
  • You may avoid eating nutritious foods when you save calories for foods that do not serve your body
  • If you count calories and exercise the wrong way, you lose weight because your body is growing weather and that slows your metabolism
  • As your metabolism slows, you need to continue to cut more and more calories or burn more and more to keep the weight off

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