Sep 13, 2021

Episode 55: Is PFC Every 3 for Me?

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

We hear all the time, “well, my body is different, so how will I know that your approach works for me?”  Good question!  Today Carrie is breaking down what our bodies need and giving YOU the chance to decide for yourself….is PFC Every 3 for ME??  She discusses…

EveryBODY Needs the Same Thing

  • Everybody IS different and LOOKS different but all bodies need fuel from balanced macronutrients
  • All diets put you at a deficit, which is not a good thing for ANYBODY
  • Something may appear to “work” for someone else and not for you only because they are younger or haven’t done as many diets
  • If you think a diet works for you… how long will it last?
  • Diets that “work” temporarily, don’t REALLY work!
  • Do the trends in your closet, but not with your body

Your Body on a Diet

  • When you deprive your body your blood sugar drops
  • When your blood sugar is low, your body will yell at you for a while and you get HANGRY
  • Eventually your body will STOP yelling and will pull what it needs from your muscles
  • When you eat A LOT after depriving yourself, your blood sugar goes up really HIGH
  • High blood sugar means fat storage
  • Start thinking of weight gain as a symptom of health and hormones
  • Just because you lose weight, doesn’t mean you are getting healthy
  • Trade weight loss by deprivation for weight loss by blood sugar stabilization

So HOW Do We Balance Blood Sugar?

  • It is NOT just about eating food!
  • You can’t balance blood sugar with a cookie!
  • It is not just about tracking your macros for the day
  • Macronutrients are most effective when eaten together
  • When you track for the day you can STILL spike your blood sugar
  • Carbs spike your blood sugar, but also gives us energy
  • Adding protein with your carb you release insulin to balance the carbs while supporting your muscles
  • Fat helps slow your digestion so you can absorb the nutrients in your food AND helps to keep you full longer

Intuitive Eating

  • We agree with the concept of intuitive eating… but how do you actually learn what your body needs?  
  • You need to learn to speak the same language as your body
  • Eating PFC Every 3 allows you to speak your body’s language

Is PFC Every 3 Really for ME?

  • If you are a human being and you have blood… your blood sugar needs to be stabilized and PFC Every 3 is for YOU!
  • Is it simple? YES!  Can everybody do it? YES!  DOES everybody do it? NO!
  • We have clients who do NOT stick with it.  Not because it isn't simple, but because they haven't dug into their mindsets.  
  • You have to work on all THREE areas: body, mind, AND sustainability

Our 4 Weeks to Wellness Lifestyle Launch is OPENING!

  • It is time to learn NOT just how to eat PFC, but how to develop the mindsets, habits, systems, and strategies to STICK WITH IT for LIFE
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  • What will life be like for you in a MONTH if all of what we talked about becomes part of who YOU are?
  • We are ready to LAUNCH you off into a transformational process

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