Sep 6, 2021

Episode 54: Getting Control Back

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Are you in a season where you feel like things are simply out of control right now? Summer is ending, school is  starting up again, you are probably feeling like you NEED to get your nutrition figured out! Summer always seems to throw people off, so for so many of us, September is a fresh start… a chance to really get yourself together!  If you feel like things in your life are out of control, you are REALLY going to want to listen to what Coach Carrie about getting AND keeping control through different seasons of your life! Stay tuned until the end for a VERY special offer!  Carrie discusses…

Stopping the Cycle of “Next”

  • We keep telling ourselves that next week, next season, next year we will make the change
  • We fail to take action or stay consistent because we do NOT have the systems in place

Diet Disruptors Laura & Steven’s Story

  • Laura has been going through treatment for advanced ovarian cancer
  • She NOW in remission but not out of the woods
  • Laura & Steven did the program a couple of months before her diagnosis
  • Before getting into the program, they kept putting off starting 
  • After two months of seeing TONS of progress, Laura started having pains and symptoms that seemed odd
  • BECAUSE Laura was living such a healthy lifestyle, the doctor knew the symptoms weren’t related to diet and exercise and decided to run tests instead of asking her to try lifestyle changes first
  • They were THROWN into chaos, but the lifestyle gave Steven the guardrails to maintain control when his world was out of control
  • Steven continued to fuel his body correctly even while being in the hospital with Laura

Stop Using Chaos as an Excuse

  • Life will ALWAYS be chaotic, but we need to stay the course
  • The chaos will just LOOK different
  • You do not have to be perfect, but you have to stay the course to build trust with your body
  • You can not control your circumstances, but you can control your response
  • You can RESPOND to chaos in a way that will serve your mind, body, soul, and family

The Importance of Self Awareness

  • Self consciousness is a disease; self awareness is health
  • Self consciousness is in comparing yourself to others
  • Self awareness allows you to respond to chaos by allowing you to recognize a lack of control and enabling you to take back control
  • SAY what you are doing and why OUT LOUD to move it to the problem solving side of your brain
  • When the exception to what you want to be doing becomes the norm, that is when we need to get aware and get real

How to Make the Transformation with the Trifecta

  • Mind
    • Our thoughts and beliefs dictate our actions
    • Ask yourself WHY it is important for you to do the things that make you feel out of control?
    • Think about intentional daily practice.  When are you going to intentionally sit down and say THIS is what I am going to do today… and then do it
    • Look at your day, treat your time like a budget, and time block your day
  • Body
    • A lot of you know how to eat healthy, but you do not know how to fuel your body correctly
    • Understanding food and how it works together so you can eat ANYWHERE
    • Stop looking for the next diet
  • Sustainability
    • Understand that motivation is NOT a strategy
    • Getting the strategies in place to allow you to follow a healthy lifestyle FOREVER
    • Tracking and counting calories/carbs/fat is not sustainable 

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