Aug 30, 2021

Episode 53: How You Are Killing Your Metabolism

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Believe it or not, there are things you are doing that you THINK are healthy and “right” but believe it or not, they are likely killing your metabolism!  Today, Coach Deb and Coach Carrie will teach all about the ways women often sabotage their progress without knowing it!

The Importance of Starting TODAY

  • The impact of a slowing metabolism on the aging process
  • Deb’s story and wishing she started EARLIER
  • The FREE Seminar: 
  • If you are not fueling your body properly, you are putting yourself at risk for longterm disease

All Diets are the Same

  • Deficits are never a good thing
  • All diets create deficits & all are deprivation in some form
  • Your body is not a checkbook 
  • You do not have to track food like you do your finances

What a Slow Metabolism Means

  • Your body cannot digest food at the pace it needs to
  • It means you are storing food you can’t digest as fat
  • You are raising your set point
  • You are throwing off your hormones
  • Your body pulls nutrients from your muscles when you don’t eat

Why we Need Carbs

  • Our bodies, central nervous systems, and brains need carbs
  • Low carb diets result in brain fog and lethargy
  • You are not a hibernating bear!  You need to fuel your body as you go!

Stephanie’s Story

  • Used to go hours without eating
  • Had such a troubled relationship with food she could not go out to eat
  • Suffered from a variety of health issues including acne, tendonitis, heartburn, and severe premenstrual symptoms
  • Was gaining weight even though she was not eating
  • In THREE weeks as a Diet Disruptor on our Lifestyle Launch she was able to correct ALL of her symptoms and her body is singing

You are Killing Your Metabolism If…

  • You are not fueling your body correctly
  • You are going all day without eating
  • You are dieting
  • If you might just being eating healthy but have no idea about food and how it works together to balance your blood sugar

Fixing the Food Relationship

  • When you have a slow metabolism, your body will hold onto any decadent meal you eat… so it really becomes a cheat meal
  • When you eat so that food fuels you and your metabolism, you can eat a decadent meal and your body can handle it… so it becomes an appreciation meal
  • You need to build trust with your body to get it to work for you so you can trust it will handle what you eat
  • You need to be CONSISTENT with fueling your body
  • You need to stop the cycle of starving yourself and then gorging on food or even just eating!

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