Aug 23, 2021

Episode 52: A Trip to Pleasure Island

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Ever wonder what life would be like if you had confidence in yourself and your nutrition approach?  Today we take you off what we call “Pain Island” and show you a glimpse of what it’s like to get to “Pleasure Island” with our clients who live there!  They no longer tell the story of frustration, desperation and hopelessness that the decades of dieting have led them to and instead, after taking our exclusive boat trip to find “pleasure island” they want you to know what it’s like…and get you a ticket there too!  Listen as they discuss…

Leah & The Fear of Giving Up Food

  • Feeling intimidated by the idea of eliminating foods from her diet
  • Had NEVER been a dieter 
  • Was feeling tired and run down and needed a change
  • Did NOT believe that “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels” until she FELT it for herself!

Christina & Journeying WITH her Hubby

  • Recognizing that the entire family had a problem with sugar
  • Brought her and her husband closer together as they both moved from being unhappy to being happy with themselves
  • It was about SO much more than food! Food was just the catalyst!
  • Learning to determine the reason behind wanting sugar and making intentional choices

Donna & Breaking the Emotional Food Tie

  • The stress of dealing with a career in healthcare
  • Dealing with menopause
  • Living on a hamster wheel going from one diet to the next
  • Turning to food for stress relief
  • Investing in herself and finding new, healthy ways to deal with stress

Danielle & Finding Balance in her Life

  • Coming in feeling miserable, stressed, and an emotional eater
  • Having been through all the diets out there
  • Finding happiness and balance in her life
  • Learning how to balanced the macronutrients for a sustainable lifestyle

Determining the Difference Between Physical and Emotional Cravings

  • When your blood sugar is not stabilized, it craves sugar because it NEEDS it
  • When you eat in a balanced way, and you want sugar, you can stop and ask yourself WHY… and usually it is an emotional craving
  • Finding that many overly processed sweets do not actually taste that good!

Balancing the Lifestyle with a BUSY Life

  • Prepping foods that are easy to grab like eggs in the instapot
  • Having foods that are easy like the Aloha bars, turkey sticks, tuna packets, and a bag of green apples
  • Prepping two recipes for lunches on the weekends
  • Having go-to meals and having them with you
  • Staggering schedules and utilizing half meals
  • Using your coach to figure out how to make food fit into your life
  • Keeping it super simple when life gets crazy

Getting Fluent in the Language of PFC

  • When you start out, you have to think about it
  • Through the 4 Weeks 2 Wellness you experience the gradual release of responsibility as you begin to become more independent
  • As you practice it, it becomes second nature and you get fluent
  • You learn to understand that you do NOT have to be perfect

Our offer to book a call with a coach for FREE is almost up…so take advantage of the space on our calendar and let’s talk about how to get you a one way ticket to pleasure island, too! 

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Sponsor: Kyani: 

Donna’s Nugget: Life changing and easy

Leah’s Nugget: You DESERVE to feel good and it is NOT hard to do it

Christina’s Nugget: This is EMPOWERMENT and gaining control of yourself for the first time.  Being able to understand what your bodies NEEDS and not having to search the web anymore.

Danielle’s Nugget: Finding a WHOLE LIFE balance: mind, body, and soul (never tying in the mental part)



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