Aug 9, 2021

Episode 50: The Power That Food Has On You

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

You MAY not be ready for this one, folks.  Carrie is FIRED up for this week as she digs in, from Pleasure Island, and gets REAL with you about the REAL reason you haven’t met your weight loss goals yet.  And it may surprise you!  

Warning, this may make you realize new things about yourself that could be hard, but it could also be freeing!! And Carrie wants you commenting as she discusses…

The Power Food Has on You

  • Most of us don’t even KNOW it is happening!
  • Living a life of confusion and disempowerment
  • Take a look up and see where you are and WHY
  • A food plan is NOT going to cut it when you have guilt around food

The Importance of Self Awareness 

  • Understanding your triggers
  • Understanding your emotions around food
  • Knowing your value
  • Being in a position to MAKE changes
  • Knowing that actions that are not centered on empowered beliefs, will not serve you
  • Leaning into our TRUE purpose

The Importance of Sharing Thoughts

  • Our thoughts sit in the messy RIGHT side of the brain
  • When we SAY things out loud, those ideas and thoughts move to the problem solving LEFT side of the brain

The Trouble with Focusing on Weight Loss

  • Are you operating from inspiration or from desperation?
  • Almost EVERYBODY’S goal is a weight loss goal… but WHY do you want to lose weight?  What will happen when you get to a certain number on the scale?
  • How LONG have you been focused on your weight?
  • You can reach a certain number on the scale… and still not be happy OR healthy
  • If weight loss is your only goal, you are going to end up making unhealthy choices
  • Your goal has to be grounded in TRUE meaning

Questions to Ask Yourself to Develop Self Awareness 

  • Do you think about food in calories?
  • Do you think of hunger as a win?
  • Are you CONFIDENT or CONFUSED in what you are doing right now with your nutrition?
  • Does food make you feel guilty?
  • Do you categorize food as GOOD or BAD?
  • How much time do you spend thinking about food?
  • Can you go all day and literally not eat… and feel GOOD about it?
  • Do you get obsessed when you are going on vacation or out for dinner?
  • Does going out with friends stress you out?
  • Do you “save” calories or work out extra hard to EARN food?
  • Are you always looking for the latest diet?

Steps to Making Change & Moving to Pleasure Island!

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