Jun 15, 2020

Episode 5: How You Are Sabotaging Your Health Goals

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Are the approaches you are taking to losing weight actually working against you?  Are you unknowingly sabotaging your goals?  In this episode, Carrie discusses the problems with…

Caloric deprivation 

  • The nutrient deprivation (06:20)
  • The loss of muscle (06:50)
  • The impact on your metabolism (07:20)

Counting calories or points 

  • The fact that calories (and points) are not created equal (09:00)
  • The impact on gut health (09:40)
  • The problem when you “use up” your points or calories (10:00)

Eliminating carbs (and the Keto trend) 

  • The fact that we need the energy boost that comes from carbs (11:00)
  • The increased cravings (11:35)
  • Our inability to stick with it (11:50)
  • The negative impact on our blood sugar (12:40)

Going NO fat or HIGH fat 

  • The truth about fat: it is your friend (13:55)
  • How too much fat results in stored fat and increased toxins (14:05)
  • The benefits of eating the right kinds of fat at every meal (14:20)

Avoiding meat 

  • Our need for complete protein (15:20)
  • How many vegetarian proteins are not complete (16:10)
  • The impact on our blood sugar (17:00)

Allowing ourselves to get hungry 

  • The blood sugar roller coaster (18:00)
  • The impact on your muscles (18:35)
  • How our metabolism is impacted (18:55)

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