Jul 19, 2021

Episode 47: Rocking Your Summer Vacations!

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Coach Carrie JUST got back from a bunch of small vacations and Coach Stacie is going on vacation, so they are coming at you this week in our next episode, with tips on how to have a ton of fun while still rocking your goals!  They discuss…

Mindsets Going into Summer & Vacations

  • You CAN’T indulge all day, every day
  • You CAN’T punish yourself when you DO indulge
  • Be intentional and thoughtful with REALISTIC goals for summer:
    • What do you want out of this summer?  
    • At the end of the summer, where do you want to be?
    • WHY do you want those things?
  • Consider the short term versus the long term and practice the discipline of declining

Summer/Vacation Tips!

  • Even when you indulge, even when you don’t eat TOTALLY balanced… be consistent with fueling every 3-4 hours as balanced as you can!
  • Grab the 101 PFC Grab & Go Meals to stay fueled in between and on the go: www.disruptivenutrition.com/shop 
  • Have prepared foods ready in your refrigerator (at home OR on vacation) for busy, summer days! 
  • Take advantage of ordering your groceries, especially when on vacation or coming home from a trip
  • Develop a routine REGARDLESS of where you are
  • Preparation means you don’t have to make BAD choices if you don’t WANT to
  • Be mindful at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have a meal in between each!
  • Enjoy MORE appreciation meals on vacation!  Your body can handle this if you fuel your body regularly over time!

Where are YOUR summer plans?

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