Jul 12, 2021

Episode 46: How to Figure Out the PFC Balance in ANY Recipe

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Ever wonder how to figure out the PFC balance in a recipe you want to try?  On today’s episode, Coach Carrie will conduct a workshop to show you how to figure it out with some cool tools!  She will discuss…

Dieting vs. Blood Sugar Stabilization

  • How long have YOU been dieting?
  • Dieting means deprivation and NO joy
  • Dieting is ineffective!
  • Dieting actually causes weight GAIN over time
  • Think of weight gain as a symptom of health and hormones
  • Blood sugar stabilization means we KNOW that food serves our body and our soul
  • Blood sugar stabilization means we FUEL our bodies every 3 hours
  • When your body likes what you do, it sings!

The 3 Ways to Fuel your Body

  • Meal Replacements: Arbonne Protein Shakes or Aloha Protein Bars!
  • Grab and Go Meals like hard boiled eggs and fruit!
  • Recipes!  The most satisfying but more time consuming: www.disruptivenutrition.com/recipes 

Eating Healthy is IMPORTANT but NOT Enough

  • Our bodies LOVES clean, healthy food
  • Toxins keep our bodies from absorbing all the good in our food
  • Toxic build up causes inflammation, fat storage, and more
  • Eating correctly by balancing your protein, fat, and carbs keeps us from storing fat and allows us to build muscle

The Problem with Healthy Recipes

  • The ingredients can be difficult to find
  • They are often NOT balanced & can spike your blood sugar
  • Spiked blood sugar means WEIGHT GAIN
  • We can be sabotaging our goals!
  • You are often not enjoying them WITH your family

How to Evaluate & Balance Recipes

  • Look at the ingredients and try to locate the protein, fat, and carb
  • Try for equal carb and protein
  • Protein should be a palm sized amount
  • Try for HALF the amount of fat as your protein
  • Determine the PFC for each ingredient divided by servings and tweak/remove/swap ingredients as needed to get the right balance
  • Use your labels!
  • Evaluate and tweak individual ingredient portions online: www.nutritionix.com 

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