May 30, 2021

Episode 40: Talking to our kids about food and our bodies

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Where do you even START when it comes to talking to your kids about nutrition, food, and our bodies?  In this episode, Carrie is going to share her story and dig into practical strategies for exactly this!  She will discuss…

Filling our Kids’ Boxes

  • Intention vs Impact
  • Being mom-fluencers
  • The importance of awareness
  • The importance of replacement language and behaviors


  • Thoughts and beliefs dictate your actions
  • How we show up for ourselves, will show our kids what they need to do to show up for themselves
  • Consider your actions and the messages you are sending

Your Role

  • From 0-2 your job is to keep your kids safe and fed
  • From 3-12, you are a TEACHER 
  • From 13-16, you are a MODEL
  • From 17-20, you are a COACH
  • 21+, you are a MENTOR

What to Talk About

  • Do NOT talk about the scale
  • Talk about how much weight we can lift
  • Talk about our progress regarding sleep and energy
  • Talk about how food does or doesn’t serve our body
  • Talk about food serving your soul
  • Talk about being a refuel as we go machine
  • Talk about how when we fuel our body, it works FOR us and not against us
  • Understand and teach what a true protein, fat, and carb is
  • Do NOT identify food as good or bad
  • Have them read labels!
  • Talk about health in terms of what people can DO
  • Ask them how they can BALANCE their meals

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