May 10, 2021

Episode 37: Don’t Take My Word For It

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

This week Carrie is doing something she has NEVER done before and she is SO excited about it!  She invited a panel of Diet Disruptors, all who have done our signature 4 Weeks to Wellness Lifestyle Launch, to join her to tell us about their stories, their successes, and what is SO powerful about being a diet disrupter!  This is one you are NOT going to want to miss!  Listen to…

Noelle’s Story

  • Life as a “rudderless ship”
  • The struggle of trying “all the things”
  • Feeling better mentally and physically

Leah’s Story

  • Strategies that had worked in the past, didn’t work any more
  • Never being able to lose the last 10-20 lbs after children
  • The difference between the free information and committing to the program
  • Being able to sustain and not just do
  • The power of the portal 

Beth’s Story

  • Gaining self awareness
  • Being about to better understand her body
  • Learning the difference between a physical and emotional craving
  • Releasing the weight of not counting calories

Melissa’s Story

  • Getting reinvigorated with the 12 Week Trifecta Transformation!
  • Being Type II Diabetic
  • The blood stabilization 
  • Getting down over 200 points in her blood sugar!
  • Her journey as a picky eater
  • No longer fearing food!

Sarah’s Story

  • Her need for a tribe and accountability
  • Her struggle with her dad’s cancer and her depression
  • Her struggle with emotional eating
  • Improving her gut health and bloating
  • Listening to her body!

Jessica’s Story

  • Gaining 5 lbs a year in spite of intense calorie cutting and exercising
  • The experience of not being deprived
  • Feeling better, seeing her face slim, and losing 3 years of weight gain in 7 weeks!
  • Enjoying life without a focus on food

Megan’s Story

  • Her experience of eating healthy but still being a sugar addict
  • Was exercising regularly
  • Received news that her cholesterol spiked
  • Joined the 4 Weeks to Wellness Lifestyle launch INSTEAD of going on medication
  • Loss of her sugar cravings in ONE week!
  • Decreased her antiinflammatory medication for rheumatoid in HALF
  • Her cholesterol has dropped!

Our NEXT Lifestyle Launch is coming!

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