Apr 12, 2021

Episode 33: Your Body, Your BFF?

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

We are taking a small break between episodes of our series with Mark MacDonald and today we are going to talk about YOU and your BFF…your body.  But does it feel like your body is more of your enemy than your best friend?  Let’s talk about that relationship and how to see your body as your bestie for life.  TRUST Carrie…it’s possible!  In this episode she discusses… 

Positive Interactions Consistently Over TIME

  • Your body WANTS to trust you
  • Your body’s JOB is to take care of you
  • It is NOT about perfection, but consistency!


Listening to our BODIES

  • We are a refuel as you go machine
  • Our bodies TELL us something is wrong but we often don’t listen
  • We listen to Facebook, Instagram, web searches instead of our bodies
  • Eventually our bodies take over when we do not fuel it and pulls from our muscles


The Impact of Undereating and Overeating

  • When we don’t eat, our bodies cannibalize our muscles
  • When we OVEReat, our bodies store extra fat
  • Your body PROTECTS itself from you with fat cells

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